Sunday 19th September Human Wall proves a huge success.

A massive THANK YOU to all who came.

Stop Sizewell C, TASC and Suffolk Friends of the Earth joined forces to promote the event and with excellent organisation from Alison Downs, Stop Sizewell C, the morning proved a huge success.

Supporters arrived early to stake out the line with flags and banners, marshals were briefed and we waited, with a certain amount of anticipation, for the crowds to arrive.

By 9.30 the carpark was filling up and numbers looking good, would we meet the 200 predicted?


Yes we would, and happily, beyond our expectations. The friendly, helpful, local police force counted over 550 folks passing by and with others joining from the north end of the coastal path, we estimate well over 600, an overwhelming response.

We set off up the beach, past the concrete pile of Sizewell A and the white dome of Sizewell B, to hear a rallying cry from  TASC chairman Pete Wilkinson and Stop Sizewell C’s Alison Downes. You can hear Pete on Radio Suffolk Sizewell Protest by Cad Taylor McHugh (

The Human Wall made their way along the coastal path, formed The Wall and held flags aloft to show the proposed line of the sea defences. Quite a sight.



It was a truly inspiring day and after months of lockdown it was great to meet up with old friends and in some cases family, see happy faces, children and dogs joining in, all meeting up with the same objective, to save the unique flora and fauna from this monstrous build and leave the coastal path, as it is, for future generations to enjoy.



 A big thank you from TASC for all your support.


A small plea for funds.

TASC has been fighting Sizewell C for well over 10 years, we took East Suffolk Council to a Judicial Revue, over the demolition of Coronation Wood, sadly we lost but have continued to represent our supporters, throughout the DCO, with advise and representation from our environmental lawyers, the highly respected Leigh Day. We were only able to do this through a successful funding campaign via Crowd Justice, with generous donations from all. Our latest fundraiser is with GoFundMe and again we thank all for their support. Please, if you can manage a donation, however small, we would be so grateful. You can also donate through PayPal. Thank you.