Thank you to all who responded to EDF’s 5th Consultation

Next Steps in the Planning Process

The 5th Consultation ended on the 18th December 2020, EDF looked at ALL submissions, considered them and submitted 15 changes to the original DCO on the 12th January. The Planning Inspectorate have published these documents but, they have not yet been accepted, as part of the DCO application.

‘If the ExA does decide to accept the proposed changes into the Examination
(irrespective of whether or not they are material) all Interested Parties will have an
opportunity to make representations on the changed application, in writing or orally at
hearings, as the Examination progresses’.

The preliminary hearings (PM) will now start in March/April

Deadline for the submission of Written Representations March/April. This is when you can add more detail to your Relevant Reps. Please add as much detail as you can. This may be our last chance to have a say.

Six months from April/May until September, PINS will hold specific- issue examinations, on-line or locally. Possibly, by the end of the year, the Planning Inspectorate will make their decision as to whether Sizewell C should be granted planning permission.

The Government Decision: Early to mid 2022

These are testing times and TASC continue to have concerns about the suitability of such a huge planning application to be held virtually. If you agree please write to Planning Inspectorate and Community Secretary Robert Jenrick with your concerns.

You can access the Sizewell C documents below.

The Planning Inspectorate Sizewell C DCO Documents

PINS will keep you updated on dates by email address you registered with.


EDF- Sizewell C – launch 5th Consultation

 Deadline to respond 18th December

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the 5th consultation is on-line, with a virtual Exhibition and another 172 pages to plough through. You can also request a hard copy and a memory stick from or Freephone 0800 197 6102 or access the documents here.

You can view TASC’s response Here

EDF New Proposals so far.

  1. Increase in the frequency of freight train movements to facilitate bulk material imports by rail.
  1. Enhancement of the permanent beach landing facility and options for a new temporary beach landing facility to facilitate material imports by sea.
  2. Change SSSI crossing design to a single span bridge with embankments.
  3. Surface water removed early in the construction process to be discharged to the      foreshore via a temporary outfall.
  4. Change to the sea defence to make the scheme more efficient and resilient to climate change.
  5. Greater flexibility as to where certain Sizewell B facilities are relocated to, potentially avoiding the need for car parking on Pillbox Field.
  6. Change to certain parameter heights and activities on the main development site to facilitate the construction process.
  7. Change to the location of the Water Resource Storage Area and the addition of flood mitigation measures to lower flood risk.
  8. Revisions to tree retention on the main development site. 9A new bridleway link between Aldhurst Farm and Kenton Hills.
  9. Extension of the Order Limits to provide for fen meadow habitat at Pakenham as further mitigation for fen meadow loss.
  10. Extension and reduction of the Order Limits for works on the main development site and related sites (fen meadow mitigation sites and marsh harrier improvement sites).
  11. Extension of landscaped bund and other minor changes at the Southern park and ride site, including a minor reduction of the Order Limits.
  12. Minor reductions to the Order Limits at the Northern park and ride site.
  13. Extension of the Order Limits for works on the Two Village Bypass, change to the public right of way around Walk Barn Farm and additional habitat mitigation proposals.
  14. Extension to and reduction of the Order Limits for works on the Sizewell Link Road.
  15. Minor reductions to the Order Limits for Yoxford Roundabout, the A12/B1119 junction at Saxmundham and the A1094/B1069 south of Knodishall.