DEADLINE 3 24th June 2021

If you wish to speak at the Issue Specific Hearings (ISH) you need to register by 11.59pm. The dates for te ISH are below.

  • 6 July, Draft DCO
  • 7 July, Traffic & transport
  • 8 July Traffic and transport
  • 9 July, Socio-economic and Community Impacts
  • 13 July Landscape and Visual Impact
  • 14 July Coastal Geomorphology
  • 15 July Biodiversity and Ecology
  • 16 July Biodiversity and Ecology inc marine issues

The hearings are virtual again, the Planning Inspectorate letter can be found here. EN010012-005266-SZC – Rule 8(3) Stitched Letter.pdf (

A more detailed agenda will be published 5 days before the hearings so if you are an Interested Party watch your inbox. If your specific issue isn’t on the list, it is hoped, that later on in the process there will be more ISH and we should all continue to press for these to be held. Many issues will emerge when the applicant finally comes up with the plans for the important issues that need to be fully examined.

If the Examiners have a specific question for you, especially from your RR’s and WR’s, you will be invited to the relevant ISH by the Planning Authority and asked to speak. You would need to be available all day. You can also ask to attend the ISH but there is no guarantee you will be called to speak but you can always raise your hand if you wish to respond. If you have new evidence, please submit it to PINs by the 24th June and apply to speak.







Thank you to all who spoke so eloquently at the Oral Hearings, a very emotional few days.

TASC has been very busy submitting 14 excellent reports, you can find them HERE. We hope many of you have found the time to submit a Written Rep, our friends at Stop Sizewell C have given some excellent advice on their website. SSC 

Next important dates are: Deadline 3(D) Thursday 24th June

Issue Specific Hearings Tuesday 6th July-Friday 9th July.

You can find the Examination Timetable Here


With the Preliminary Meetings over and the 15 changes submitted by EDF accepted by the Planning Inspectors the formal six month examination period began on 14 April 2021.

You can find all the documents relating to the SZC enquiry  at

Many of you took part in the Preliminary Meetings and we thank you for that. Hopefully, the depth of feeling really came across to the Examiners.

Next Steps are when it gets really interesting and we all get our chance to have our say!

Examination Deadline Dates

  • 12 May Deadline to register to speak in an Open Floor Hearing (OFH). You will need to fill in the form here .You will have 5 minutes to put your points across at the open floor meetings commencing on 18th May. They should be based on your Relevant Reps(RR) or what you intend to cover in your Written Reps(WR). You  will also need to separately register if you wish to speak at an Issue Specific Hearing(ISH) as and when details of these are announced. If you are an Affected Person of a Compulsory Acquisition Hearing(CAH) see Further Details Here    If you have any suggestions for the future Site Visits then please send them to PINs by this date. You can find EDF’s suggestions HERE
  • 18 – 21 May Open Floor Hearings THIS IS THE CHANCE TO HAVE YOUR SAY AT A VIRTUAL HEARING! Morning, Afternoon and Evening sessions. Make your 5 minute slot as personal as you can, tell them how the build will affect your life and the area you live in. The Inspectors need to know and this is your chance to tell them. Refer back to your RR and your future WR. It is also probably best not to cover too many issues but add more detail to those areas that concern you most.
  • 2 June: Deadline 2(D2) for Written Representations. This is where you can embellish on your oral presentation, add as many details as you can. You can also include photographs of specific areas of concern, make sure you name the place and give grid ref if possible. Please be aware of data protection issues in photographs. No faces just places. Some people have been asked to answer specific questions from their RR, please check you are not on the list. It is mainly SCC, ESC and EDF but there are some individuals and NGO’s. Check Here
  • Noon 7 June Deadline Comments are now invited on the Applicant’s Proposed Provision (Compulsory Acquisition request in respect of Additional Land – Changes 11, 12 and 13) You may submit a RR even if you have not previously registered. Use this Form
  • 24 June Deadline 3(D3) For receipt by the ExA of: * Operational modelling of Soft Coastal Defence Feature (SCDF) * Comments on WRs * Comments on LIRs * Comments on SoCG * Comments on responses to ExA’s Written Questions (ExQ1) * Comments on Applicant’s first revised draft DCO * If needed, revised draft s.106, accompanying draft Explanatory Memorandum and draft Confirmation and Compliance Document * Updated NPS tracker * Updated Navigation Document * Updated Book of Reference and Schedule of Changes to the Book of Reference (BoR) * Updated Statement of Reasons (SoR) Appendix B ‘Status of Negotiations with Owners of the Order Land’ * Updated SoR Appendix C ‘Status of Negotiations with Statutory Undertakers’ * Comments on any additional information/submissions received by D2 * Responses to any further information requested by the ExA for this Deadline
  • 6-9 13-16 July: Issue-Specific Hearings We don’t know yet what the issues the EXa will choose, you will be notified in due course but we URGE you to register to speak when the Planning Inspectorate advises.
  •  06 August Details: Deadline 5 (D5) For receipt by the ExA of: * Comments on Applicant’s revised draft DCO * Comments on any revised/updated SoCG * Updated NPS tracker * Updated Navigation Document * Updated Book of Reference and Schedule of Changes to the Book of Reference (BoR) * Updated Statement of Reasons (SoR) Appendix B ‘Status of Negotiations with Owners of the Order Land’ * Updated SoR Appendix C ‘Status of Negotiations with Statutory Undertakers’ * Comments on any additional information/submissions received by D4 * Responses to any further information requested by the ExA for this Deadline
  • 17-20 24-27 August Compulsory Acquisition Hearings (CAH1)
  • 03 September Deadline 6 Updates.
  • 14 October: After 6 months the Examinations will end…….Unless of course the wealth of evidence stacks up and they need an extension as with SPR DCO. Now the Planning Inspectorate has 3 months to make a recommendation to the Business Secretary, whoever that might be, whether or not the project should receive planning consent.
  • 14 January 2022:.The Planning Inspectorate makes it recommendation to the Secretary of State.
  • 14 April 2022: Secretary of State decision.

Don’t forget to Register to speak by Deadline 1 (D1) Wednesday 12th May.

TASC will do all we can to convince the Inspectors that Sizewell C is not needed and most definitely not wanted and is totally in the wrong place. We will provide evidence based experts where we can and have legal support to call on.





Procedural Deadline B

Wednesday 7th April 2021

If you registered as an interested party and wish to speak at the next Preliminary Meeting  Part 2 on the 14th April you will need to respond by Wednesday 7th April (Deadline B).

The Planning Inspectorate is inviting new written (emailed) submissions and these include the Examination procedure and timetable in response to matters raised orally at Preliminary Meeting Part 1.
If you want to speak at Preliminary Meeting Part 2, please tell them but do note that requests must demonstrate the issue is new and was not raised in Part 1.

If you had problems with your internet connection or found the whole on-line Examination process difficult please tell them. We noticed even the inspectors themselves were at the mercy of unstable connections and flickering screens.

If you had expected to be called and wanted to speak and didn’t manage to do so, do tell them. TASCs representative found himself waiting to speak on Item 6 only to be told it was the wrong time. Did you feel intimidated? if so please mention it. It seemed to us the process was muddled and people were not quite sure what Item was being discussed, if you felt the same please mention it.

With the developer, EDF, putting in so many changes, at such a late date, and then stating that detail for the sea defences i.e. the sea wall, would not be decided until after the project was given the go-ahead and would be put into the ‘Rochdale Envelope’ for the DCO process, TASC find this totally unacceptable. If you agree please tell PINs.

It will be really helpful for as many people as possible to respond, we need to keep up the pressure on the examination process and let the inspectors know what huge opposition there is to the project.

Please endorse TASC in your responses.

Thank You and good luck.




Next Important Steps in the Planning Process for Sizewell C


Important Deadline 10th March

All those who registered with the Planning Inspectorate should have received a “Rule 6” notification on or around the 24th of February. There is a deadline of March 10th to: –

  1. a) ask to speak at the Part 1 Preliminary Meeting (PM) on 23rd March and
  2. b) respond to the “Rule 6” letter.

We would encourage you all to ask to speak at the Preliminary Meeting by the 10th of March (you can change your mind at any time, but it would be good as this will give the Planning Inspectorate an idea of the strength of opposition to Sizewell C). If you have not registered as an interested party, you can still write to the Examining Authority with your concerns.

  1. A request to speak. If you registered with PINs and sent in a Relevant Representation you have the right to ask to speak. If you did not register in the beginning but have found the revised, late, proposals from EDF affect you, you should be eligible to take place in the examination as a “potential Affected Person”. This part of the process is purely about the way the Planning Process proceeds (it is not the time to express your concerns about the impact of the Sizewell C project as the opportunity to do that will be during the Examination stage).

To apply to speak, please complete this form by 11.59pm Wednesday 10/03. When completing the form will be asked for your unique reference number (you can find this at the top of the latest email received from PINs) and some personal details. You will be asked if you want to speak on each item and then for a brief description of the points you would like to make. The important agenda items to request to speak on are agenda items 2, 4,5 and 6.


Item 2 is the Agenda for the Preliminary Meeting

Here you can comment that we cannot be sure our assessment of issues at Item 4 will be complete, as other issues will arise if PINs accept EDF’s changes which are to be discussed at Item 5 on the agenda.


Item 4 Initial Assessment of Principal Issues

This is where you can mention issues that you believe are not covered by PINs initial list of Principal Issues (PINs’ list is set out in Annex C in the Rule 6 letter).


 Item 5 The Applicant’s proposed changes to the application

This is where you can comment on whether PINs should accept EDF’s latest proposed changes as material or non-material or whether they should be accepted at all. A problem with these changes is that it is unclear when or if PINs will accept EDF’s changes, meaning we won’t know, until PINs decide on this, what DCO documents we are responding to in our Written Representations. Another point to make is that we consider EDF’s new proposals (which include, amongst other changes, a new jetty, more rail journeys, higher sea defences, an expansion further onto the Heritage Coast) to be material changes (see bottom of Page B3 of the Rule 6 letter for an explanation of the implications of the changes being material). If PINs accept EDF’s changes, it will affect our written representations on many other aspects of the Sizewell C project. We should emphasise this verbally at the PM.


 Item 6 Draft Examination Timetable – Annex D

  • Deadlines for submissions and notifications
  • Dates and format for hearings
  • Arrangements for site inspections

The main problem here, is that the day after the final PM (currently scheduled for 14th April), PINs have a legal obligation to start the legally binding 6-month Examination process, so it would be preferable for this to be delayed until after we know if PINs are going to accept EDF’s new documents. Hopefully, if as many people as possible mention (in your own words) a request for a deferral of the closing PM, PINs might take notice. Reasons why a delay would be preferable include: –

– there is likely to be insufficient time, to prepare final submissions, between PINS decision to accept/decline EDF’s suggested changes and the final date for submission of the Written Representations (currently 26th May)

– the Scottish Power DCO runs to 6th April 2021 so is an extra burden on NGOs, Councils, and individuals.

– Suffolk County Council are holding elections in May so will be in purdah from 24th March – 6th May, reducing the effectiveness of the Council’s involvement in the DCO process.

– the Examination, as currently planned, runs through the summer at a time when, after extended periods of lockdown and travel restrictions, families will be wanting to make use of greater freedoms such as going on holiday.

– the earlier the Examination starts, will result in a greater amount of the Examination process happening while there are still likely to be Covid-19 restrictions in place.

– as much of the Examination as possible should be conducted by way of open floor in-person meetings so the later the Examination process starts the more likely this can be facilitated

It is possible that PINS will not ask everyone to speak but by registering to do so you are demonstrating the strength of feeling about the Sizewell C project.

If you do not wish to speak or cannot, then you can submit your comments on the agenda items in writing by 10th March using the pointers mentioned above (in your own words).

Deadline for responding to Rule 6 letter and request to speak at Preliminary Meetings 10 March
Preliminary Meeting(s) 23/24 March & 14 April
Publication of full Examination Timetable 21 April
Open Floor Hearings (deadline 12 May) 19 – 21 May
Deadline for Written Representations 26 May
Site inspections 8 – 10 June
Issue Specific Hearings
Compulsory Acquisition Hearings
More visits/Open Floor Hearings/ Issue Specific hearings
early/mid July
Mid August
Mid September
Examination must end 14 October
Additional key dates

PINS recommendation to Secretary of State


Mid January 2022

Secretary of State decision Mid April 2022

On the 4th March Stop Sizew)ell C & Together Against Sizewell C held a joint online ZOOM meeting with guest speaker Roy Pumfrey from Stop Hinkley. Paul Collins from SSC & The Minsmere Levels group gave an informed catch up on the Planning Process which you can view here along with comments from Chris Wilson from TASC.