Advise on filling in latest PINS Questionnaire


If you registered as an interested party in the Sizewell C planning process you should have received an email from the planning inspectorate, on or around the 22nd December, with a questionnaire regarding digital examinations. The link is on the PINS website and the deadline is 18th January 2021.

Your responses will help the ExA to decide: the format and arrangements for the Preliminary Meeting, what hearings will be held and what the arrangements and preparations for those hearings will be.

‘Under Rule 17 of The Infrastructure Planning (Examination Procedures) Rules 2010, in order to progress with the Examination of this application, the ExA requests information from each of you about your capability to engage with the Examination remotely, including the use of Virtual Events. Our specific questions are set out in this Questionnaire’

Here are some pointers on how to fill in the questionnaire.

Question 1-5 – Your personal details.

Question 6 – Your interested party number, you can find this on the email from PINS or from your original acceptance email.

Question 7 – If you would like to be involved in the planning process, please say ‘Yes’. Even if you are not sure, nothing is concrete, so you could change your mind at a later date. TASC think the more people to submit evidence the better. Imagine, if over 1000 folks wanted to speak, via on-line participation, what a message it would send to the planning inspectorate and eventually the Government.

Question 8 – Ticking all ways to be involved, is the best option, again you can always change your mind.

Question 9 – Will you want to speak? We recommend saying ‘Yes’, again you can change your mind. It might seem somewhat intimidating to give your presentation orally, but after watching the preliminary on-line sessions for the local SPR windfarm project, the Inspectors were very accommodating to the speaker and took on board, hopefully, the views of the public.

Question 10 – We suggest you say you are ‘not content’ to participate digitally.

Question 11 – 13 How confidant do you feel in participating on-line? Do you have good internet access? Would you feel confident answering by phone? Please give answers as to your own personal situation.

Question 14 – Along with many others, TASC has never supported holding such an important infrastructure project on-line, we advise ‘do not agree’ and mention any internet or connection problems you have encountered.

Question 15 – PINS are offering training, state if you are interested.

Question 16 Comments – It is absolutely crucial that all, who wish to participate, are able to so by their chosen means. It needs to be recognised that internet and electricity connections can fail and often do, especially in the countryside. Therefore, it is crucial that the proceedings are recorded and available and if a participant is giving evidence and the technology fails, they should be given an opportunity to resume their presentation.

This is such an important application, which will have an effect on many people’s lives, and it would be far better if the meetings were live. Considering the situation we all find ourselves in, and with no immediate end to the pandemic in sight, we request an open and transparent process with the same weight given to all presentations. The developer must not be seen to have the upper hand.


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