EDF submit 14 changes to the DCO…. What’s next?

Just 16 days after the closing date for the Relevant Responses to the Sizewell C DCO, EDF announced to the EADT  they would submit significant changes to the project and hold yet another consultation. Public Consultation No 5.

The Planning Inspectorate (PINS) has written to all interested parties and the documents are now on the PINS website.


The EDF consultation will start on Monday 16th November for 30 days and responses will need to be sent to The Planning Inspectorate by mid-December. If you have already responded to the DCO and would like to add to your previous submission, there will be an opportunity to do so. If, when the details are released, you find your property or livelihood affected by these new proposals please contact PINS and they will advise on how to respond. sizewellc@planninginspectorate.gov.uk

‘SZC Co. intends to consult for 30 days, with all parties being sent a nontechnical summary of the proposed changes in the form of a newsletter. The summary will also include dates, how to participate and directions to the consultation website. The website will contain an online consultation document and feedback form’

EDF will submit the revised proposals to PINS w/c 11th January. It is then up to the Inspectors to decide whether these changes are ‘material’ and if or how, they will affect the examination and whether to accept these changes.

Local campaigners have every right to be frustrated, as do over 1,200 folks who took the time and effort to respond to the DCO, the vast majority having huge concerns as to the fate of the area. It is quite obvious EDF should have included these proposals in the DCO, they didn’t appear overnight, in fact the documents are dated October 6th, less than a week after the closing date for Relevant representations. The DCO submission should have been delayed until these significant changes were complete.

TASC will keep our website updated over the next few weeks, hopefully with guidance to consultation No 5. It would be very helpful if you could contact EDF with your frustrations, stating the DCO was submitted while very much incomplete. info@sizewellc.co.uk  Please copy in PINS sizewellc@planninginspectorate.gov.uk your MP, County Councillor and District Councillors.

With a possible announcement that Prime Minister Boris Johnson may give a premature ‘green light’ to Sizewell C, write to Chancellor Rishi Sunak to urge the UK government not to take a direct stake in Sizewell C. Can the UK really commit to a £20 billion project, for a failed EPR nuclear reactor design, in the middle of a pandemic and the unknown financial effects of Brexit? Let him know your thoughts.


Thank you for your continued support.




The changes as advised by EDF (with very little detail) are listed below.

  1. Increase in the frequency of freight train movements to facilitate bulk material imports by rail. Up to 4 trains a night and looking at weekends. From where? Coming from North or South?
  2. Change to the Beach Landing Facility design to facilitate bulk material imports by sea. No details as yet, still being finalised after 8 years! ‘some significant environmental effects cannot yet be ruled out’.
  3. Greater flexibility as to where certain Sizewell B facilities are relocated to potentially avoid the need for car parking on Pillbox Field. EDF say they will use Sizewell A land but NDA & Magnox who own that land are saying they intend to use it until 2026!
  4. Change to certain parameter heights and activities on the main development site to facilitate the construction process. Another stockpile in a field near Eastbridge and an increase in working heights on site.
  5. Change to the detailed location of the Water Resource Storage Area and the addition of flood mitigation measures to lower flood risk. More water storage needed to alleviate ‘the increased risk of shallow flooding’
  6. Change to part of the SSSI Crossing structure to introduce flood relief culverts.
  7. Potential revisions to the tree retention plan on the main development site. More loss of vegetation.
  8. Surface water removed early in the construction process to be discharged to sea via a temporary marine outfall.
  9. Potential for more controlled parameter heights for the hard- coastal defence feature. Height of concrete sea wall could be extended…a feature?
  10. Extension of landscaped bund and other minor potential design changes at the Southern Park and Ride.
  11. Extension of the Order Limits to provide for additional fen meadow habitat at Pakenham as compensation for fen meadow loss and improved access at the Benhall, Halesworth and Westleton habitat sites. The compensatory fen meadow is 35 miles away, as the crow flies. Near Bury St Edmunds!
  12. Potential extension of the Order Limits for works on the Sizewell Link Road, Yoxford Roundabout and Two Village Bypass. More land needed, no details.
  13. Potential extension of the Order Limits for accommodation works on retained land. Possibility of more land needed for Sizewell link road, Yoxford Roundabout and 2 Village Bypass. Compulsory purchase a possibility.
  14. Reduction to the Order Limits where land is not required for the Project. Land no longer needed for the project. Again, no detail.