Beach of Dreams



“Beach of Dreams is an epic journey to discover the hidden gems of the East Coast of England, inviting collaboration from communities and artists along the way in Suffolk, Essex, Southend, and Thurrock.

Kinetika’s Artistic Director, Ali Pretty, and Guardian journalist Kevin Rushby are walking the entire route of 500 miles, joined by artists, writers, scientists, and local residents.  Together, guided by strong environmental themes and the challenges of our current time, they will consider the question “How can we creatively reimagine our future?”


DAY 3 Halesworth to Aldeburgh 21 miles

On a cold blustery day, making timings difficult, members of TASC & friends met up with Kinetika and made their way past the land proposed for Sizewell C and the Nuclear complex of A & B, shock and surprise as usual at the proposed destruction that could take place.

‘Sizewell looms over everything here. It looms over the vegetated shingle, a rare habitat only found in a handful of places around the world: a place of floral and insect abundance. And it looms over the human population with plans to build new reactors’. Blog by Kevin Rushby





TASC have signed up for Mile 43 on this exciting walk from Lowestoft to Tilbury, organised by Kinetika, an internationally renowned company, specialising in creating large-scale hand-painted silks. Our mile, 1 out of an impressive 500, will start near the tank traps at the end of the proposed Sizewell C site. We suggest meeting up at the Sizewell Carpark at 2.30pm, then have a casual walk to the end of SZC site, take a flask, have a sit down and wait to join those walking the route from Halesworth to Aldeburgh, at around 3.30pm. We will then walk back with the group and complete our mile, ending opposite Sizewell Hall, when the next group/person joins the main party. Our friends at Stop Sizewell C have signed up for Mile 42, so those with fitness and energy can wander along and meet up with them, further towards the sluice. Of course those with boundless amounts of energy can join at any time and walk as far as you wish.

This should be a great opportunity to let those on the walk know all about the horrendous proposals that lie ahead for this part of the epic 500 mile journey and our beautiful heritage coast. There will be a Guardian journalist on the walk and I believe they are also making a video diary along the way, so hopefully a chance for some publicity. This is not a protest, more an opportunity to make as many as we can, aware of how much of the beach and frontage will be lost and disappear under tonnes of concrete. The beach is looking beautiful at the moment, making it more heart-breaking and devastating.

Kinetika have been working hard, making 500 pennants of designs sent in. Our pennant will include the iconic poster ‘Enjoy Suffolk While You Can’ designed by Halesworth artist and TASC member Audrey West plus a shot of the beach. An installation of all 500 pennants will mark the beginning of the walk on 27 June, at sunrise on the beach at Lowestoft, during the First Light Summer Solstice.

Invitation to inaugural flag installation 27th June 11 a.m.
500 silk pennants, with designs inspired by the images, are finished and Kinetika and First Light Summer Solstice are inviting you to the very first spectacular installation of all 500 flags on Lowestoft South Beach.  See them up close and celebrate the start of this 500 mile journey with us!

Info here:

WE really hope you will join us for TASC’s part of this inspiring journey, bring your friends, dogs, posters and anything else you can think of and have a great time being part of THE BEACH of DREAMS.

Map of Walk No 43 location.

Covid-19 restrictions will apply with up to 30 people on each mile. More info

If you would like to take part please email so we have a rough idea of numbers.