“Together against Sizewell C (TASC) is a group of people and organisations formed to oppose the building of Sizewell C and its associated works in a legal, open, peaceful and fully accountable manner”.
This guiding statement for TASC was decided upon because we want everyone associated with the group to feel comfortable with its identity and purpose. We intend to vigorously challenge the case for Sizewell C by:

  • Enabling the public to have access to balanced and objective information on the facts of the new development
  • Requiring decision makers and local representatives to openly account for and justify their support for the new build.

We welcome all support, as the broader our base the more solidly we can stand against all the Sizewell C proposals. We are not elitist or secretive and we open our doors to anyone so long as they agree to abide by the guiding statement.
Despite the years of virtually unopposed propaganda from EDF and the government, people who support nuclear power tend to have a reluctant acceptance of it rather than positively embracing it.1 If we can present people with objective information about the Sizewell C proposals, we believe we can succeed in getting people to reject Sizewell C.
We will use a variety of methods to do this. This list is not exhaustive, and as new members of TASC come on board the list will be adapted to accommodate their ideas.

  • public meetings on health, emergency planning and other topics
  • a petition to the council
  • well researched information leaflets
  • a website
  • letters to the press, and radio and T.V interviews
  • lobbying local and national politicians
  • a poster campaign

Politicians at both local and national levels are supporting Sizewell C without paying heed to what local communities say, but as can be seen by the decision by Cumbria County Council, local politicians can have a huge influence over the government’s plans. The remit of local councillors requires them to make decisions based on the aspirations of communities within the county. To date, Suffolk’s local councillors have not demonstrated the steps they took to seek local views on Sizewell C prior to their decision to support the project. It is imperative that we ask politicians and decision makers to explain and justify their actions in respect to Sizewell C.

We need local people to get involved in the campaign so please come and support TASC. At our next public meeting (date to be advised), we will discuss some of the issues related to the Sizewell C proposals that are important to understand, for example;

  • Radiation and ill health
  • Waste Storage
  • Emergency Planning
  • The Councils’ Response to Sizewell C