ESC to vote on Relocation of Sizewell B buildings (even though Coronation Wood has been felled)

It is currently proposed that application DC/20/4646/FUL will be heard at an Extraordinary meeting of Strategic Planning Committee to be held at 9.30am on Wednesday 20 January.

The papers for the meeting will be published 5 working days in advance.

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A NEW planning application to East Suffolk Council for the relocation of Sizewell B buildings. Deadline to respond 10th December.

‘The replacement of certain ancillary facilities at Sizewell B is proposed in order to clear land required for the construction and operation of Sizewell C. Progressing the proposed development as far as possible in advance of securing development consent for Sizewell C will enable the new power station to be constructed and to begin generating electricity sooner than would otherwise be the case.

In applying for these proposed works through a planning application to ESC, this would facilitate the Government’s policy objective of more rapid development of new nuclear power, by ensuring earlier delivery of Sizewell C, than if the relocation proposals were only included as part of EDF Energy’s application for development consent. This is in line with the approach advocated in the Department for Communities and Local Government’s (DCLG) letter to local authorities, dated 16 July 2009, in relation to the new consenting process for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects. The proposed development should, however, be considered on its own merits’. EDF


You can access the planning application at East Suffolk Council Planning

DC/20/4646/FUL | Hybrid application seeking outline planning permission, with all matters reserved, for up to 9,500 square metres Gross External Area (GEA) to provide administration, storage, welfare and canteen facilities and a visitor centre of up to 1,000 square metres GEA. Detailed planning permission is sought for demolition of some existing structures and redevelopment to include a training centre and interim visitor centre, an outage store, lay down area, car and cycle parking, landscaping, associated infrastructure (including utilities, plant and highway works), tree felling and other relevant works. | Sizewell B Sizewell Power Station Complex And Adjoining Land Sizewell Power Station Road Sizewell Leiston Suffolk IP16 4UR (

Please send your objections and comments to East Suffolk Council where they will appear on the planning application under comments. Thank you for caring.

Subject: DC/20/4646/FUL;

Please copy your response to

The Planning Inspectorate:

Dr Thérèse Coffey MP (Suffolk Coastal) you must email her directly, not cc, or she won’t respond

Suffolk County and East Suffolk leaders and cabinet leads on Sizewell C,,

As you probably know, Joan Girling, supported by TASC, took ESC to Judicial Revue. Unfortunately, despite every effort from our lawyers, the case was lost. TASC and the many supporters of the ‘Save Coronation Wood’ campaign are indebted to Joan for her total commitment to the local environment and Stopping Sizewell C

 Chris Wilson, TASC press officer said “ East Suffolk Council’s woeful decision to allow the destruction of Coronation Wood even though Sizewell C may well not proceed, could result in 3 or 4 years of needless damage to the environment and unnecessary construction work with all its attendant impacts: increased HGVs on rural roads; increased CO2/Nitrous oxide emissions; increased noise, light and air pollution; additional carbon footprint from the building of a Training Centre, Visitors centre, car parks, lorry park, layup areas etc. If the Sizewell C white elephant gets the go ahead, the Sizewell B relocation project adds a further 2/3 years of complete disruption to the way of life of Suffolk residents resulting in 15 years of misery, when less destructive and disruptive options were available” Press Release