The Atom: A Love Affair Premiered 15th May 2020


Explanation of the film:

The Atom: A Love Affair is a sweeping story of technological obsession, political imperatives and powerful, conflicting passions, 'The Atom: A Love Affair' is a documentary shedding new light on the present and future of nuclear power by delving deep into the story of its past. An ambitious international feature documentary revealing the West's rollercoaster love-hate relationship with nuclear power since the end of World War 2. In a dramatic tale of belief, betrayal, intrigue and hope, the film hears first hand from the scientists, engineers, politicians and campaigners who have navigated the complex passions and political imperatives of the Twentieth Century's most controversial energy source. “The Atom: A Love Affair takes no sides, and pulls no punches in its witty and admirably objective archival account of the West’s relationship with nuclear power” — New Scientist

Accessing the film is simple - just click on he link to pay and watch the film. Once you have paid (there are no other subscription fees), you have 48 hours to watch it. You can stop, rewind, fast forward and re-watch as many times as you like, across your connected devices. The film will remain on Curzon Home Cinema as long as people are watching it.


It costs £11.99 to view (Discount available for Curzon Cinema Members)