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Sizewell C Consultation Stage 2

I have attended various road shows and public meetings in relation to the construction of Sizewell C. The EDF presentations and exhibitions have been more PR and promotional rather than active listening to points made by those, attending. Putting that to one side, there are, I believe, a number of unanswered questions and points I would wish to make.

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1. Sizewell C proposals - overall


This is a totally inappropriate project . The site is far too small for the proposed build and the land take has increased since it was first made public. Even more land take is proposed, under compulsory order if necessary, and the inevitable destruction of valuable internationally recognised wildlife sites is unacceptable.

Concrete will cover an area twice the size of Leiston, most of which is an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and on the Heritage Coast.

To encroach so closely to the small villages of Theberton and Eastbridge and to RSPB Minsmere should not even be contemplated.

Peoples lives will be hell and tourism will be curtailed because traffic will increase so much that visitors will not want to come to what will be an industrialised environment.

This is also a very vulnerable coast, as was seen with the threat of extensive flooding on Friday 13th January. I could not believe it when I asked about flood risk to the site at one of the Consultation exhibitions I was told that it was “ok” because “ it would become a peninsular”. Well I don’t think this is a very good response and if this is EDF’s attitude then this is very worrying. In fact if the site needs so much protection from flooding in the way of rocks and concrete it proves it is the wrong site for such a dangerous power station. We have to live with ’B’ but we should not be building any more here.

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1. Sizewell C Proposals : Overall

This Consultation 2 document is totally inadequate and does not explain at all clearly EDF’s proposals at Sizewell and surrounding area. The fragility of the area has not been considered at all.

The storage of nuclear waste has been totally overlooked. The site is too small.

London politicians considered Sizewell “potentially’’ a possible site. EDF and local politicians should have quickly realised its total unsuitability. The campus of 2400 against the population of Eastbridge at 250 is crazy. In addition 600 workers, perhaps with partners, in caravans 500yds from Leiston High Street is crazy too.

Leiston population 5500 : workers 5600!