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1. Sizewell C Proposals : Overall

This Consultation 2 document is totally inadequate and does not explain at all clearly EDF’s proposals at Sizewell and surrounding area. The fragility of the area has not been considered at all.

The storage of nuclear waste has been totally overlooked. The site is too small.

London politicians considered Sizewell “potentially’’ a possible site. EDF and local politicians should have quickly realised its total unsuitability. The campus of 2400 against the population of Eastbridge at 250 is crazy. In addition 600 workers, perhaps with partners, in caravans 500yds from Leiston High Street is crazy too.

Leiston population 5500 : workers 5600!



2. Main Development Site

This section illustrates the damage EDF is quite prepared to do to achieve their requirements for Sizewell C & D. Total decimation of the area as we who live here know it.

It will take a minimum of 12 years of chaos to build, 20% of the life of the power station. Then 70 to 100 years to clear. That will require additional £billions. Low carbon production from nuclear is a total myth.


3. New Access Road

A new access road across an AONB, SSSI, SPA, RAMSAR and footpaths. Not appropriate at all ! None of the options for bridges or causeways over the SSSI is acceptable.


4. Managing Construction Materials

These “borrow pits” are quarries! They are totally unacceptable. Peat and clay excavated from the whole area of the power station platform to 20m /30mdeep will release a huge amount of carbon. Again, low carbon is a myth! This to be stockpiled to 30m high. The 250 people who live in Eastbridge which will be next to all this, plus 2400 workers in the campus.

The noise, dust (air quality), as you say in section 2, with artificial lighting for 24/7 will be devastating for this SPA.


5. Accommodation : Overall Strategy

36% of workers will have a 90 minute commute to the workplace. That could equal 60 miles each way to work. Arriving at one of two 1000 vehicle car parks to work on one of five shifts per day. Commencing at 5 am and continuing through to 1 am the next morning. There to be met and transported by coach to site. You state the coaches will make between 350 and 400 movements a day, which is alarming. This in addition to 600 lorry movements a day.

There will be from north and south additional vehicle movements approaching 13,000 (5,050 + 7,600) ref 11.10.5 ! Other minor roads leading to Leiston will be overwhelmed also.

There will in addition be the cars from the car parks of the campus and caravan site, and workers living in private accommodation to which you refer. Also possible partners of those living in caravans wishing to travel by car or to shop and visit the surrounding areas would add to the traffic volume locally.

Note: Its as though You, EDF, think by offering “mitigation” and “compensation” and also sprinkling some “fairy dust” over the site, can magically provide these nuclear power stations over this Heritage coast without permanent decimation at Sizewell.

6. The Campus

The campus accommodation will transform a rural setting to one of a military type camp with additional recreation. Only a small number of construction workers will take advantage of such on site facilities. The majority will prefer to get off campus and AWAY for recreation, as it was for Sizewell B. Some will stay but only a few.

All of the proposals for the 3, 4, 5 storey campus accommodation with recreation facilities next to Eastbridge and Theberton are unacceptable. In addition, they are next to the quarries, spoil heaps and concrete mixing where air quality and pollution will be very detrimental to those trying to live there. Particularly the few trying to pursue sporting activities.


7. Transport

Most roads in the region do not cope now and you are considering increasing the traffic by 500% to 700%. The contract is for 12 YEARS!

Collectively, including all aspects of the project, your low carbon claim is but a myth. (for 12 plus years)

To summarise :

The A12 cannot cope now with holiday traffic, festivals, local events like the Suffolk Show and those commuting to and from work. Any additional traffic will be overwhelming.


8. Transport by Rail

A new branch line would be expensive. To justify this, considerable rail traffic would be part of the operation. This will cross the B1122 and increase the traffic congestion on this road. After this it passes over the AONB which will be very damaging ecologically.

9. Transport by Sea

Little information as yet has been given in the documents about cargo from the sea. Other than to say we have been shown a plan of a 800m jetty. It has been stated that it would be necessary to maintain a permanent jetty across the beach to the site creating a very controversial route on this CWS (County Wildlife Site). The pier, we are told, will remain for essential maintenance and replacement of large pieces of equipment.

It is well known that there is coastal drift along this East Anglian side of England and should it be necessary to continue dredging to facilitate these vessels this would damage this vulnerable coastline further.

There is so little information about the BLF (Beach Landing Facility) that it is difficult to make any sense of it. I suspect that, once installed, it would never be removed.


10. Park and Ride

This has been referred to earlier. The document is quite a muddle and difficult for anybody to follow.


11. Transport : Road Improvements

If you intend to carry out road improvements to serve Sizewell from the A12, this will cause chaos with existing traffic as it will take a considerable amount of time to construct.

It is suggested by SCC a new road should be constructed from the A12 at Benhall to cross over prime agricultural land, damaging Public Rights of Way, passing listed buildings and causing environmental damage and yet more carbon release by excavation and heavy machinery. This operation would involve even more land take simply for the benefit of this proposed project. All this plus improvements at Farnham, Yoxford, Theberton and Eastbridge and we haven’t even started construction yet.

12. Yoxford : road Improvements

A roundabout or signal junction will add further delay and chaos to an already inadequate A12.


13. People and Economy

If after a 12+ years contract (20% of its 60 year life) and at a cost in excess of £22billion, Sizewell C will only create then, you say, 900 jobs. Mostly semi or unskilled, I suspect, plus armed police patrols making up part of the workforce. As outages for each reactor occur every 18 months for refuelling, at a cost of £60million per reactor, if we can use Sizewell B as a bench mark, this is not a good deal when there is no electricity produced whatsoever at these times for many months.


14. Consultation Process

After having waited 4 years, I am very disappointed that the consultation period included Christmas when most peoples attention was on other things. This was also the case for the first consultation and I feel this is insulting to us, the general public.

The consultation documents are poor. Much information is left out and there is not a lot more in them than in the first consultation.

As with all the numbered sections, the numbering is not consistant with the subject. Not at all easy to follow and designed to confuse. The full consultation document and the summary document are not numbered in the same way.

The maps are very poor and far too small to give proper detail. The keys to the maps in the summary document are illegible.

I am totally amazed that EDF have paid so little attention in producing these documents that if this is the standard that they feel is adequate for the pre contract I fear that, if we ever allowed this to become a reality on this Heritage Coast, the main contract could be disastrous for us all.