Dear Sir/Madam


I write with much concern about the plans to construct two enormous Nuclear Power Stations in our neighbourhood

  1. It is dangerous and irresponsible to create a toxic mix that as yet there is no solution to dealing with it. How do I explain this to my grandchildren.

  2. it is clear that the coast in our area of Suffolk is eroding faster than anticipated. It erodes more in some areas than others but if you were to walk at Cove Hithe or Thorpeness both only a few kilometers either side of the Sizewell plant you would see how the erosion defies the statistics we have been presented with.

  3. The impact on nature will be disastrous. The precious SSSI land, the Sanderlings and the edges of the reedbeds will all suffer from from the construction work, noise and disruption. So many of us moved to this area of Suffolk because of its natural beauty and stillness.

  4. Constructing campus accommodation for single workers ( over 2000!)will not provide any helpful social infrastucture for Leiston or local towns. Nor will it help future housing. People of Leiston remember the drunken Friday nights after payday . And now the police station is not open and local medical aid less available. I used to live in Eastbridge and work in Leiston and was well aware of this social problem.

I could continue with concerns but I am sure that you will consider these points in detail before deciding to forge ahead with such an unacceptable plan just because it has cost so much already.

Yours truly

Mrs M. Horwood.