The 2nd EDF Consultation ran from 23/11/16 to 03/02/17.

Despite promises to the contrary, EDF chose to run the consultation over the christmas period just as they did with the 1st consultation 4 years ago. It is easy to be disheartened when ploughing through the 321 pages of the 2nd consultation document, and it is the view of some members of TASC that the document and the whole consultation was designed to sap the will and energy of people who want to engage with it. There is a lot of verbage and little detail in the document, and whilst we were invited to comment on trivial aspects of the plans there was no option given for us to reject it completely. TASC responded to the consultation and pointed out the issues that were omitted by EDF as we feel it is important to engage with the planning process and to highlight the paucity of information that was given to us by EDF

A link to the EDF 2nd consultation document is here

If people would like to send us their responses we will put them on the website in order to help others form their own responses.