The 2017 Public Health Report from Healthy Suffolk states, "It is estimated that 118 people die early in Suffolk every year because of particulate air pollution", and "The adverse impact on health due to air pollution costs the UK economy more than £20bn per year." This report is at the webpage

In calculating the environmental costs of the proposed plan both in terms of additional deaths caused the building process such as additional vehicle movements and the costs to society such as health, hospitalisation, absence from work, acid rain, corrosion etc. have you used the costs from the EU Directive on Green Public Procurement.


That is have you taken into account the cost for emissions in road transport etc. (in 2007 prices) from what is known as Table 2 which is

CO2 0,03-0,04 EUR/kg

NOx 0,0044 EUR/g

NMHC 0,001 EUR/g

Particulate matter0,087 EUR/g?


If you have not taken these costs into account what costs have you used for





Particulate matter?

Table 2 comes from

This information comes from

The good practice and guidance is at the link below

Please will you ensure and clearly state the contact details of those responsible for decision making sure that they are clearly identifiable

to local people and that they explain the reasons for decisions.