The stge 4 consultation will run from July 18th until September 27th. We will put up details of the exhibitions and links to the documents once they are confirmed by EDF. We urge everyone to please submit their views and questions to the consultation. When it comes to opposing this monstrous carbuncle, every little helps!

EDF wiant to narrow the focus of the consultation to a few specific areas including transport and ecology. We do not have to agree to do so, and will ask them about other aspects of the development as we see fit.

Transport: There are a number of concerns about how materials and people will be transported in and out of Sizewell C. EDF had previously considered a range of strategies including marine-led, rail-led and road-led plans. In the third round of consultations EDF made clear that it was now only looking at rail-led or road-led strategies.

Environment: Environmental concerns about the nuclear power station focus on the RSPB Minsmere site and the Suffolk Coastal and Heaths AONB. Wildlife experts raised concerns at the start of the year that the station could have a "major adverse environmental impact" on the habitats at Minsmere including the loss of habitat for certain species as well as the disruption of wildlife during the construction process.

Accommodation: Concerns were raised in early 2017 about the proposed accommodation for 2,400 workers.

TASC Response: TASC is not surprised that there is to be a Stage 4 consultation as we and many others were gravely concerned about the lack of detail at Stage 3. However, it is TASC's view that the disruption that Sizewell C will cause on such a massive scale in the AONB and in the surrounding area of East Suffolk; that even with some major alterations it may still not be an acceptable development.Particularly with a view to habitat destruction, displacement of species, damage to the ecology of the area, and possible new roads, concern about lack of water supply and climate emergency. However, we will study EDF's further proposals and give them every consideration.

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