At another packed public meeting TASC (Together Against Sizewell C) hosted guests from the United States: Paul and Linda Gunter from the organisation ‘Beyond Nuclear’ whose aim is to work for a world free of nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

Paul Gunter specializes in reactor hazards and security of operating reactors; prevention of new reactor construction; regulatory oversight; climate change; the nuclear power-nuclear weapons connection.

Linda Pentz Gunter specializes in international nuclear issues. She also serves as director of media and development. Linda's work focuses on the nuclear power-nuclear weapons connection; wildlife impacts; nuclear France; and uranium mining and human rights.

Crowded meeting demands Council Action

Almost eighty people attended the first of a series of meetings arranged by ‘Together Against Sizewell C’ (TASC). The meeting at Yoxford Village Hall was chaired by Joan Girling and the two main speakers were Professor Andy Blowers, who was awarded on OBE in 2000 for services to the environment and Pete Wilkinson, a former member of the Government’s Committee on Radioactive Waste Management. They both provided comprehensive accounts of a range of issues in relation to energy needs, finance, coastal processes, the environment and emergency planning. The packed audience then responded to an enthusiastic question and answer session.