Together Against Sizewell C are pleased to welcome Mr Kazuhiko Kobayashi from Fukushima, Japan.

19:30 on Tuesday 26 Nov 2019 Leiston Community Centre

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On a recent visit to Cumbria by Kazuhiko, Marianne Birkby reports:

Members of Radiation Free Lakeland met up with Kazuhiko last autumn to show him the Sellafield area and he told us that there is money for climate research but not so much for research into the impacts of radiation on our food and health. He is a kind gentle man and he was visibly shocked to see the scale of Sellafield. Kazuhiko broke down in tears within the shadow of Sellafield, at the impacts the nuclear industry is having on our children’s health. His passionate opposition to nuclear power and weapons, his work for change and to help those impacted, is an inspiration”

Whether use of nuclear weapons or accidents of nuclear power plants by natural catastrophe or human errors or terror attacks, the danger that the whole earth could be destroyed, contaminated and rendered uninhabitable forever, is drawing ever closer.

Nuclear disaster, which cannot be excluded 100percent, could pollute the earth and not only human bodies but all kinds of lives with its radioactivity over hundreds years
and longer. But nobody can take responsibility”

Kazuhiko Kobayashi has only one wish as he approaches the autumn of his life: ‘To speak from my innermost soul, to follow my conscience and to act for the suffering of innocent (Fukushima) children.’ TASC is honoured to host such a dedicated opponent of a technology which has devastated the lives of tens of thousands of Japanese people and which continues to poison the Pacific Ocean as a result of the Fukushima disaster. Our hearts go out to those all over the world who have suffered from the effects of civil and military uses of nuclear power and we thank Kazuhiko for bringing his warning from Japan to Suffolk. Let’s hope we heed it.

TASC will always campaign against irresponsible governments and this dangerous industry

Mr. Kazuhiko organises respite for children and families who have been impacted by the ongoing Fukushima disaster. Proceeds from the evening will be put towards the Children of Fukushima Fund.

Entrance fee £3.00

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