Organised by Nuclear Free Local Authorities, Together Against Sizewell C, Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell, Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group and Suffolk Coastal Friends of the Earth.

Linda Penz Gunter has kindly sent us the transcript of her talk. it is attached here as a pdf to download

Saturday 14 th March, 10.15am – 1.30pm

Saxmundham Market Hall, East Suffolk, Station Approach, Saxmundham, IP17 1PW

Sizewell C – the key environmental and other issues of concern.
A seminar for councillors, council officers, concerned interest groups and members of the public on the issues around developing a new nuclear reactor at Sizewell.

This is a free event open to people and groups interested in nuclear policy, and environmental policy. It is part of the NFLA’s and the NGO’s views on challenging the need for new nuclear build and
to show the fossil free, nuclear free alternatives to mitigate climate change and deliver ‘zero carbon’ towns, cities and counties.
If you are planning to attend, could you please fill in the form (see link below) or send an email to: Sean Morris, NFLA Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Details and directons to the venue are on the pdf which can be found here

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Suffolk Coastal Friends of the Earth are hosting an event to discuss WHY SIZEWELL C?
Is this goodbye to Suffolk’s nature coast?

At The Cut, New Cut, Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 8BY

Tickets 5 pounds from The Cut (link below)

A short film: ‘Sizewell’s Threatened Wildlife’ will be shown. 

The invited speakers are:

CRAIG BENNETT, a high-profile environmentalist and CEO of Friends of the Earth, fell in love with the Suffolk coast after staying in a friend’s cottage in Dunwich.  He subsequently spent many hours bird-watching at RSPB Minsmere, enjoying the beauty and tranquillity of the reserve. Craig is appalled by the impact that the construction of Sizewell C nuclear power station would have, should it go ahead.  Who would then experience the peaceful isolation of a hide, with a background noise of drilling and pile-driving and a view scarred by tall cranes?
What is the energy policy, that could be causing such destruction to Suffolk’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty?  He will be discussing this question among many others.

ADAM ROWLANDS, RSPB Suffolk Area Manager, is deeply concerned about marsh harriers and other protected birds and animals, including rare bats, otters and water voles, that today pass freely from Minsmere to Sizewell for foraging and breeding.  They would be faced with a 7m high causeway supporting an access road and haul road, both taking heavy traffic and permanently lit.
Water levels are also a major concern.  These have to be just right for the successful breeding of Minsmere’s many species of uncommon birds.  How might EDF Energy’s reactor platform and new defences affect these?

We will together form a campaign strategy and decide, collectively, how we can best oppose this monstrous development.

Suffolk Coastal FOE have to raise £20,000 to pay scientists to act as expert witnesses in support of their fight against EDF Energy’s proposals to build the nuclear complex.  Please help if you can!  All donations gratefully received.  THANK YOU.

The link to Suffolk Coastal Friends of the Earth is here:

Some Lovely folk are organising a fantastic Disco to raise funds to save the wood, so why not come and have a bop and save the wood from the chop!
For more information click the link here:

TASC Force Disco

March 7, 2020 @ 7:30 pm – 12.00 pm
Bentwaters Parks
IP12 2TW

The campaign to save Coronation Wood

Together Against Sizewell C (TASC) Group are raising funds to mount a legal challenge against East Suffolk Council after it gave permission to EDF to cut down and clear 100-year-old Coronation Wood for an enlarged car park and visitors centre used for the current power station, Sizewell B, simply to facilitate their future proposals for Sizewell C. The wood stands next to RSPB Minsmere, a nationally important wildlife preserve located within the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

East Suffolk’s strategic planning committee approved the felling of the wood in September despite a huge number of objections from the public, including letters of objection from the AONB, Natural England, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, RSPB, local Town and Parish Councils, local groups such as Suffolk Preservation Society, Suffolk Coastal FOE and Theberton & Eastbridge Action Group (TEAGS). TASC argued that the application was “premature” as plans for Sizewell C have yet to be submitted. We could be losing this crucial piece of the AONB on the doorstep of Minsmere for no reason if plans do not go ahead, and once lost, there is no going back.


TASC is running a pop-up shop to raise funds for the Judicial Review to stop the destruction of Coronation wood. We would like donations of good quality items if you have them to spare. Please contact Jenny on the number below to arrange collection or delivery (We can collect from places that are reasonably nearby).
Please come along and support us if you can.

,Why we selected this film
“EDF want to charge the British public a £6 annual premium on energy bills that will go straight to the French government to finance Sizewell C. To add insult to injury this will make every family an accessory to the further destruction of our heritage areas by helping EDF build their redundant white elephant on our precious coastline. This ridiculous, government supported scheme represents the shifting of the financing for new nuclear plants from the much-trumpeted original position of ‘no subsidies’ to the unavoidable reality of ‘transfer the cost to the public’. It includes picking up some of the financial risk for the inevitable overruns in costs that will occur from building Sizewell C. This is a bad deal for all consumers in the UK, in particular for the residents of east Suffolk.
Pete Wilkinson

Director's statement
“Those who champion nuclear energy view the world through an industry, the decline of which they refuse to acknowledge. The revolution of renewables underway in our societies is seen as an attack. They stubbornly maintain that nuclear power generates safer and cheaper electricity than all the other energy sources… Our film strives to demonstrate that not only is this argument wrong, but that it is concealing a disastrous financial reality: the bill that future generations will have to pay due to nuclear power is colossal. Each nuclear disaster (Chernobyl, Fukushima), by increasing the obligation for new safety measures, sends costs spiralling and results in the construction of prototypes such as the EPR, which is exorbitant and so technologically complicated that many engineers are now saying that it will never work.”
Patrick Benquet
For the last 50 years, France has generated 75% of its electricity through nuclear power – the only country in the world to do so. This dependence is now sending the state-owned company EDF towards bankruptcy. The new French EPR reactor has experienced many completion delays in Flamanville, France, and in Finland. The costs keep on rising and France is now spending tens of billions in a bid to master this excessively complex technology. So why has France approved the construction of two more EPRs in the UK at Hinkley Point despite fierce opposition even within EDF? An increasing number of countries are phasing out nuclear power, we still do not know how to decommission plants at the end of their lifespan and the cost of renewables is constantly falling. France is finding itself increasingly isolated in its pro-nuclear choices. These choices weigh very heavily on the State’s budget and mean that France is lagging extremely behind in the energy transition. Who will pay the bill for nuclear energy?