An overview of what TASC has been doing recently

1) We have responded to a Government consultation on National Policy Document (NPS) EN6, the planning document which the Planning Inspectorate will use to consider new build Nuclear Energy Plant with an output of over 1gigawatt proposed to be constructed from 2026 to 2035. It will replace the existing EN6 policy statement.

In our response, we question whether Sizewell C will be deployed (producing power) by 2025 and under which NPS document Sizewell C will be determined.

With the abundance of affordable renewable energy technologies which create no radioactive waste and little CO2, TASC feel that to build another nuclear power station with two reactors at Sizewell, with the East Suffolk coast in such a perilous condition through erosion would be foolhardy.

      It is a political decision NOT a necessity.
      You can read our full response on the TASC website.


2) We have also responded to a Government Consultation for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) for higher activity nuclear waste to be built somewhere in England. This will require an underground site 25 kilometres square and up to 1000metres. This will be for the placement of several types of nuclear waste.

      How to manage radioactive waste in the long term is a complex and highly

      contentious issue which raises many technical, scientific and ethical

problems. A key issue is the question: disposal or repository? As a Government facility it will need to be monitored and guarded for many hundreds of years, meaning that the facility will have to remain open for security purposes. It can only be sealed if and when the behaviour of the disposed waste over millennia is understood and at present the authorities are grappling with dozens of scientific and technical uncertainties related to long term safety of waste which has to be ‘isolated’ from the biosphere, an objective which cannot be achieved given the need to vent gases as the waste decays.

You can read our full response on the TASC website.


3) One of our Members joined with other NGO members (Non Governmental Organisations) from around the country to attend an ONR (Office of Nuclear Regulation) Forum Meeting. TASC has been concerned that the ONR who are the watchdog over the Nuclear Power plants work to a rule of first considering the economics of the power plant rather than the safety. This is due to Government insisting that there should not be any interference with the economics of the plant. TASC are pleased to support the appointment of an NGO Co Chair for the Forum meetings which will hopefully improve the dialogue between ONR and the NGOs.

ASN the French regulator has once again cast doubt over the EDF Flamanville plant welds and have asked for more work to be undertaken.

For the full story l


4) Early April TASC members met with chief officers and members of JLAG (Joint Local Authorities Group) of Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Coastal District Council. They had no further news on the progress of EDF and Sizewell C. They had nothing new to report on the different modes of transport which were discussed at the 2nd Consultation. Neither had they any more information about the accommodation blocks.

It would appear that JLAG consider Sizewell to be a huge economic opportunity for East Suffolk and consider latching new housing, new businesses, and road building on to the possible development. TASC believe this is a big mistake as the disbenefits of SZC far outweigh any benefits.

We asked JLAG if they had responded to the Government’s NPS EN6 and they offered to supply a copy of both the JLAG response and the NNLAG (New Nuclear Local Authorities Group) version. We now have both copies. If anyone wishes to see them I am told they are on the SCDC Website


5) EDF considered at the 2nd Consultation that the bend on the A12 may need some attention at Farnham and put in an option for a by pass to alleviate the problem at that point. However since then, consideration for the A12 Farnham to Marlesford 4 Villages By Pass now called SEGway (Suffolk Energy Gateway) is being promoted by Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Coastal District Council they have submitted a business case to the Dept for Transport following a study by “Jacobs” called the SEGway Business case. The Councils are hoping to secure funding of up to £133 million from EDF, Central Government and various other partners.

For the full document go to


A large group of people from the By Pass area are very concerned about the possibility of a new road crossing such a long stretch of virgin land which has many environmental designations. They have set up the Bypass Action Group (BPAG). They held a very well-attended meeting at Blaxhall and are fund raising to pay for any legal advice they may need.

      They also have a facebook page


      6) TASC have learned from EDF that the 3rd Consultation on Sizewell C will not take place until early 2019. Following on from the 3rd Consultation, the DCO (Development Consent Order) will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. So we have quite a time to wait before we see any firm plans.

Therefore once again local people who will be affected by the possible development of SZC will have to wait until EDF and the Government tell us what they intend for the future of our area.

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