April/May 2014                                                                 

Hello Friends!

We have another important date for you!  Marine pollution consultant, Tim Deere-Jones, has agreed to come and speak to us about the impact of climate change on sea-discharged radioactive waste – i.e. that toxic effluent regularly discharged from Sizewell into the marine environment.

    Come and hear how extreme weather events are blowing spray inland and polluting food crops.  Sorry, this is not cheerful news, but we do need to know about what is going on so that we can put pressure on the Environment Agency and Food Standards Agency to take action.

Date: Wednesday 7th May at 7pm.

Venue: Leiston Community Centre, King George’s Avenue, IP16 4 JG.

This is organized jointly by TASC and Suffolk Coastal Friends of the Earth.  It is a public meeting open to all, so bring your friends and relatives.  There will be ample opportunity to ask questions.

    Not only will Tim be giving this public presentation, he will be using his time in Suffolk to study the prevailing currents and sediment drift as far down as the Blackwater Estuary, to begin to establish how radioactive outflow from Sizewell may be affecting our coastline.

    Suffolk Coastal Friends of the Earth have commissioned him to write a report based on his findings for submission to the Environment Agency and Food Standards Agency as part of EDFE’s Stage 2 consultation on Sizewell C.  Any deleterious effects will be significantly multiplied should the building of two more nuclear reactors go ahead.

    His research along the west coast has shown that, with increasingly severe weather, sea spray containing radioactive waste has been blown inland by as much as 10 miles.

    At present monitoring is done only immediately around power stations, not further afield.  Tim is calling for monitoring to be extended.  We will support him in this.


EDF Energy’s Community Forum

Two of our members managed to gain places on this Forum, which meets about once every three months.  The public can attend but are not allowed to speak.  It has proved useful for networking and to find out about EDFE’s latest proposals.

    We were astonished to hear MP Therese Coffey severely reprimanding EDFE for not listening to local people’s worries over the proposed location of the workers’ accommodation campus for up to 3,000 outside workers! This will be a substantial development, very close to the small villages of Eastbridge and Theberton.  However, EDFE is adamant that this large project must be on Sizewell C’s main development site in order to attract the best people.

    In effect it will be a small town about two-thirds the size of Leiston. It will be built at the junction of the B1122 and the unclassified road to Eastbridge which is the start of the access road to SZC, it may also be the crossing point for a railway to the SZC site. Which will mean all road transport, will be turning into the site at that point. The access road, hostel, recreation area, concrete batching plant and lay up area for machinery and heavy plant will be very environmentally damaging. This  will cut across feeding corridors of rare bats, birds, reptiles and other creatures and will be massively disturbing to all local wildlife and areas of quiet recreation.

    There was much disquiet from many groups concerning the lack of detail at the Stage 1 consultation as there was from ourselves and FOE.  EDFE have now agreed  two additional stages of consultation.  So, after Stage 2 to be held in the autumn, which will be public-focused, there will be a Stage 3 in the spring of 2015.  This will be a more technical consultation aimed at the Statutory Consultees but members of the public will be also able to comment. 


Action: Please support TASC and Eastbridge and Theberton residents and write to EDFE to complain about the location of the workers campus and the access road.

 However we must never forget that TASCs main aim is to prevent SZC happening.

The overall damage to the environment, the financial burden and creating more nuclear waste, must be halted.  Sizewell is not the right place for two more nuclear reactors.

Send a copy to our local councils and another to Therese Coffey, MP.


EC’s ‘strike price’ consultation

Along with various other local concerned individuals and groups, we put in a submission in response to this consultation.  Basically, we believe that the deal between our government and EDF over the financing of Hinkley Point C (and subsequently Sizewell C) is subsidy by stealth.  We have therefore called on the European Commission to declare this agreement to be illegal under EU market competition rules.  It may be several months before a decision is made – but we remain hopeful.


Jonathon Porritt Meeting Report

“Why Nuclear still makes no Sense”

It was with great pleasure that approximately 150 people welcomed Jonathon Porritt to address TASC at Stratford St Andrews Riverside Centre .

Instead of being full of doom and gloom, we were assured that new technologies to provide energy were progressing fast.  He considered that Sizewell C would never be built, (amen to that).  He echoed our deep concern about the economic cost, including the Governments’ negotiated “strike price”. The unrealistic management of nuclear waste, and long build programme, all at a time when the renewable sector were moving ahead so fast. He felt these factors, would, with many other issues come together and be the death knell to the nuclear  industry in this country.  

An excellent informative and thought provoking evening for all.



Public meeting with marine pollution consultant Tim Deere-Jones, Wednesday 7th May at 6.30pm (refreshments) for 7pm.  Leiston Community Centre, King George’s Avenue IP16 4JG.

Details: Rachel 01728 663359.


Next meeting of TASC: Wednesday 14th May, 7pm, Leiston Community Centre, King George’s Avenue IP16 4JG.

Details: Joan 01728 830965


Protest Walk along B1122: Saturday 31st May.  Easy stages with support vehicle: leaving Yoxford B1122 junction 10.30am, Middleton 11.10am, Theberton Village Hall 1pm, Leiston Community Centre 3.15pm, arriving Sizewell Beach car park 4pm.  Refreshments at Theberton and Leiston.  NB Wear high-visibility clothing.

Details: Jill 01728 830583.


Next meeting of Suffolk Coastal FOE:  Monday 16 June at 7.30pm at The Old Coach House, Cransford, Nr Framlingham, IP13 9NZ. 

Tel: 01728 663359.