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December 2013


Hello Friends!

As ever, this has been an extremely busy and demanding couple of months for those of us at the core of the group.

We organized several successful events in November and alongside these, attending to the various consultations has taken up a lot of time and thought.

Emergency planning at Sizewell is fraught with difficulties, yet Mike and Pete and others have done, and continue to do, sterling work on this crucially important issue. After much discussion, Sizewell Stakeholder Group and FOE (friends of the earth) sent in their responses by the due date – read below for the latest information.

Then there was the biodiversity offsetting consultation. We needed to get involved in this, because it will almost certainly be used to justify new nuclear build at Sizewell, i.e. it will be considered to be OK to ruin the precious habitats there, if they, or something like them, can be created somewhere else. This is no less than a licence to trash the natural world. We put in stiff opposition to these proposals.

Then there was a consultation on radioactive waste management, which once again was highly complex. In principle we believe that it is safer to store it on site, where it can be monitored, and that it should not be shifted around the country.

On the subject of the Sizewell C/D proposals, we now know the 'lead sites' for the associated developments, which are causing great anxiety to local people. See below for details.



Emergency planning: Having spent a lot of time and thought on the Public Consultation held by the Suffolk Resilience Forum, put in a response and subsequently corresponded with Andy Osman there, it was extremely disappointing to learn that the Detailed Emergency Planning Zone remains at 2.4km. This is a complete nonsense as it covers only a small part of Leiston. The main part of the town remains outside of the zone and therefore would not receive the best available help in the event of an emergency. We had asked for this zone to be increased to 20km. Our local FOE group has written yet again to protest.

Meanwhile we await the report from the Office for Nuclear Regulation which is reviewing the zones, methods of evacuation etc. in the light of lessons learnt (we hope) from the Fukushima disaster.


Proposed SIZEWELL C/D nuclear power stations

EDF Energy's Community Forum: We have a couple of representatives on this Forum. Meetings are infrequent, but at least these give us up to date information plus an opportunity to ask questions.


However, there was nothing at the last meeting to cheer us up. EDFE affirmed that they were not really interested in Hinkley Point C as a one-off; they want a new nuclear programme, i.e. Sizewell also, Wylfa – and more.

As far as the Associated Developments were concerned we learned that 'lead sites' had been chosen, as follows:


Park & Ride North – Darsham

Park & Ride South – Wickham Market

Accommodation campus – on the main Development Site. This will need a full EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment),

Rail options – either of green or blue routes (which will go into and through very sensitive habitats).

Lorry Park – may be dropped in favour of camera-based systems to keep HGVs to approved routes.

There will be further consultations with DEFRA and the LAs in early 2014. More ecological surveys are required and there is currently ground water monitoring around the Sizewell Marshes SSSI (which will be built across). Coastal processes are being checked up to 3km from the shore by radar installed at Minsmere Sluice and Thorpeness. Results will determine the design of the jetty and what can be brought here. Residual freight will come by road. Test drilling off shore is being conducted to determine positioning of the intake and cooling water systems. As for the Wickham Market site, this will require archaeological investigation of the remains of a Roman town there

During the first half of 2014 we will have news of the proposed road network with improvements, followed by details of the two park and rides. The next meeting of the Forum is scheduled for March.

We took the opportunity of talking to Simon Barlow of the Environment Agency, who was very helpful. He confirmed that there will be a Public Consultation on the drafts for the environmental permits which the Agency will have to grant, to do with waste production, water usage, radioactive discharges and the back-up generators. This will last for 12 weeks. He will keep us informed.

In anticipation of this, our FOE group is commissioning Tim Deere-Jones, an expert in marine pollution and radioactivity, to write a report for us, which he has kindly agreed to do.

There is no getting away from the fact that the environmental impact will be devastating, most particularly on the SSSI and the surrounding supposedly protected habitats, with their many rare species. The vegetated shingle along the shore, a particularly scarce habitat, will be totally trashed. This can never be mitigated for, nor can the ancient wet woodland. We will need an expert ecologist to give independent reports on proposed mitigations. Do you know of anyone who could help here?

We have to battle on and do what we can to stop this monstrous development.

ACTION: It may have come to your attention that the RSPB, Suffolk Wildlife Trust and AONB Partnership are collaborating with EDF, rather than making any kind of protest about the Sizewell C proposals. If you're a member, please write and express your dismay that these bodies are not actively campaigning against this massively damaging development.


TASC events roundup

Coffee Morning and Sale

On the 9th of November we held a TASC coffee morning and sale to raise funds. The sale of Books, Bric a Brac, Second Hand Clothes, Homemade Cakes, Produce, Tea and Coffee, together with a prize draw raised £150.00. We had plenty of donated goods for the sale, and it was well attended by TASC supporters.

Public Meeting

On the 14th of November, TASC held a public meeting in Yoxford to discuss local concerns about Sizewell C. Three TASC members spoke on a variety of topics relating to Sizewell C, and this was followed by a lively question and answer session.

TASC Poster Launch

On the 16th of November TASC revealed the sharp new campaign posters designed by a local TASC member. These posters come in various sizes and if anyone would like one to display in a window, please contact Joan Girling


Dates for your Diary

Tuesday January 14th 7-00pm

TASC Committee Meeting

Friends Meeting House Waterloo Avenue Leiston IP16 4HE. The meeting house is at the corner of Haylings Road and Waterloo Avenue. All supporters are welcome . Refreshments will be provided


Tuesday January 21st 7-00pm

Meeting for TASC members with Mark Wilson of the Planning Inspectorate. Leiston Community Centre, King Georges Avenue, IP16 4JG. Mark Wilson will be making a presentation and there will be opportunity to ask questions. Please come. Details from Joan: 01728 830965.

Wednesday March 19th 7.00pm

Public meeting with Jonathon Porritt Stratford St Andrews Riverside Centre. Suffolk IP17 1LL Jonathon is a respected writer, environmentalist and campaigner. TASC supporters are welcome - please come! Further details are available from Joan Girling


Thank you for all your support.