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2nd October 2019


Together Against Sizewell C’S (TASC) grave concerns about the financial stability of EDF and the safety of their nuclear reactors, are clearly demonstrated in Patrick Benquet’s film “The French Nuclear Trap” which TASC screened at Leiston Film Theatre at the weekend to an audience of 140 local residents.

TASC’s concerns continue to increase as last month it was announced that more welding problems had been identified in EDF’s nuclear reactor components and last week EDF disclosed that the budget for their EPR nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point C has been increased by a further £3billion to £22.5billion and there are likely to be further time delays of fifteen months. EDF recently suggested that, under a scheme called Regulated Asset Base or RAB, all UK billpayers should pay £6 per year from start of the 10/12 year construction of Sizewell C and indefinitely thereafter and that UK taxpayers would share in the risk of cost overruns and time delays. TASC see this as an expensive subsidy of French government-owned EDF who will take all the profit and will also result in an unacceptable transfer of very real, potentially substantial and unquantifiable risk to tax payers. This reinforces why all our decision-makers need to see this film.

TASC thank everyone who attended the screening, particularly the three district councillors and two from Leiston Town Council (representing Labour, Green and an Independent). Despite all Suffolk County Councillors, East Suffolk Councillors and Parish Councils having been invited to see the film, TASC were disappointed that there were no elected representatives from the ruling Tory party. The resounding message TASC received from those attending, including Councillors present, was that this film must be viewed by as many as possible, especially Suffolk’s elected representatives and the media. We are sending out repeat invites to Suffolk County Council via leader Matthew Hicks and Sizewell representative Richard Smith, East Suffolk Council via leader Steve Gallant and Sizewell representative Craig Rivett as well as MP Therese Coffey offering to show this film again at a time and venue convenient to them. We will keep the public updated with their responses.

TASC would also like to thank our guest speaker Peter Banks who was representing campaign group Blackwater Against New Nuclear Group who commented on the RAB funding proposal, ‘‘Why should UK residents and businesses fund this “Ridiculous Atomic Bailout?”

Pete Wilkinson, TASC’s Chairman, said today, ‘It is now beyond credible that EDF can be given the responsibility to build EPRs in the UK. EDF appear financially incompetent and the entire EPR programme – and hence the government’s nuclear energy component of its so-called energy policy – is in tatters. They face unresolved waste management problems, growing concerns about the health effect of routine radioactive waste discharges and mounting opposition in the east Suffolk area which faces devastation should Sizewell C be given approval. Time to dump nuclear and EDF along with it.’

Further information can be found on our website or on twitter @SayNo2SizewellC

copied from the Times 30th Sept 2019

President Macron's economy minister has accused the French state-owned company building Britain's new nuclear plant of "unacceptable" failings as he threatened sweeping change at the group. Bruno Le Maire said yesterday that the French nuclear sector was like "a state within a state" and he denounced cost overruns and delays in the construction of the Hinkley Point C nuclear reactor in Somerset and similar projects in Flamanville in Normandy and Olkiluoto in Finland.

"We will not accept this drift month after month, year after year," Mr Le Maire said. His words appeared to weaken the position of Jean-Bernard Lévy, 64, who was given a second four-year term as chief executive of EDF by Mr Macron in February. Mr Le Maire said that he had ordered an independent audit into the French nuclear industry, which provides about 75 per cent of nation's electricity, and into the decision to build a new generation of the increasingly questioned European pressurised reactors in Britain, France, Finland and China. The conclusions will be delivered on October 31, he said.

The audit will interest Whitehall, given that the EPRs being built in Somerset are supposed to supply 7 per cent of Britain's electricity. EDF said last week that Hinkley Point C would cost £3 billion more than expected and may not meet its latest launch date of 2025, which is already eight years late. The glitches at Hinkley Point C come after setbacks at Flamanville, which initially was due to come on stream in 2012 at a cost of €3.3 billion, but which will not now be linked to the grid until 2022 at the earliest at a cost of at least $10.9 billion. The Finnish plant was scheduled to be operational in 2009, but is still not complete.

The glitches at Hinkley Point C come after setbacks at Flamanville, which initially was due to come on stream in 2012 at a cost of €3.3 billion, but which will not now be linked to the grid until 2022 at the earliest at a cost of at least $10.9 billion. The Finnish plant was scheduled to be operational in 2009, but is still not complete.

Noting the lastest delays at Flamanville, Mr Le Maire said: “Now we learn that the costs of the nuclear reactor in Britain have drifted. All this drifting is unacceptable.”

The French state owns 83.7 per cent of EDF. Mr Macron wants to split the group in two, placing its nuclear activities in a wholly state-owned unit and floating the rest.



11 September 2019


Together Against Sizewell C (TASC) is appalled by the decision of East Suffolk’s Council’s (ESC) Strategic Planning Committee’s decision to approve EDF’s planning application for the creation of more space in the Sizewell C site to accommodate the possible new nuclear development of Sizewell C twin reactors which condemns Coronation Wood to be felled. The development requires the moving of some Sizewell B (SZB) buildings and car parks to other areas west of SZB which will further impinge on the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The decision was carried by nine votes including that of the chairperson with eight councillors voting against

TASC’s Secretary, Joan Girling, who spoke at the meeting on 9th September asked “Are Councillors and Officers aware that there is a Duty of Regard for the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB to conserve and enhance its natural beauty and if it were not for the fact that SZC needs more space and if this was a stand-alone application would planning permission be granted? The AONB hierarchy states that damaging the AONB landscape should be avoided before considering mitigation and compensation. We request that you turn down this application outright and allow it to be part of the Development Consent Order for SZC when it is submitted to the Planning Inspector and determined by the Secretary of State”

After the meeting TASC’s Chairman Pete Wilkinson commented “To approve this application so far in advance of a protracted process which may well see approval for Sizewell C denied is pre-emptive and irresponsible. To offer 126 objectors just three minutes collectively in which to publicly state their case is not democratic and is derisory. To be prepared to sacrifice a much-loved historic landscape feature and buffer such as Coronation Wood and to further infringe the AONB months in advance of the development consent order being submitted, let alone approved for Sizewell C, is inexcusable. It demonstrates a contempt for the many objections submitted from NGOs and individuals from a wide area, many of whom see Coronation Wood as a well-loved feature of the Sizewell landscape.

“TASC salutes the environmentally aware councillors who voted against this planning application and hopes that those who voted for it can live with a clear conscience when the bulldozers move in. If SZC does not go ahead, an outcome which TASC will do everything in its power to achieve, Coronation Wood will have been sacrificed for nothing”


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TASC Astonished at East Suffolk Council Planning Officers’ Recommendation to Approve EDF’s Plans to Commence Premature Building Work for Sizewell C despite Widespread Objections


Having read the recent Planning Officers’ report from East Suffolk Council for the EDF Sizewell B relocation of facilities planning application, which is to be considered at the ESC Strategic Planning meeting on 9th September, Together Against Sizewell C (TASC) are very disappointed at the Planning Officers’ recommendation to approve. TASC’s press officer Chris Wilson said, “TASC are particularly disappointed at the lack of concern shown for the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Sizewell Marshes Site of Special Scientific Interest which so many objectors have cited as being in need of protection. We know Leiston-cum-Sizewell Town Council, Aldeburgh Town Council, Theberton and Eastbridge and Middleton Parish Councils, the AONB team, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, the RSPB and Suffolk Preservation Society all requested refusal of this application that EDF have submitted in preparation for building Sizewell C’s twin nuclear reactors on Suffolk’s Heritage Coast. Indeed not one single person has expressed support. EDF could not have written a more biased report themselves.

The application should not be considered as a standalone project but only as a part of a development consent application for Sizewell C.”

TASC’s Secretary, Joan Girling, said, ”What is truly astonishing is that just a few days ago East Suffolk Council declared a Climate Emergency. Yet their Planning Department then recommend approval of a plan involving destroying the 100 year old Coronation Wood, badger setts and a part of the unique Sizewell Belts SSSI. One wonders if the officers of different departments talk to one another. The only hope now is if the elected members take notice of the large numbers of well-considered objections from members of the public, local town and parish councils and leading conservation organisations against this proposed wilful destruction of the Suffolk Coast and Heaths AONB, all for the benefit of EDF who neither have planning, regulatory and licencing consent for Sizewell C nor the funds available or a finance package in place to build it.”

For more information contact: Joan Girling Secretary 01728 830965 or Chris Wilson Press Officer 07976 820524 or Pete Wilkinson Chairman 07940 524831

Together Against Sizewell C Wood Farm, Westward Ho, Leiston, Suffolk IP16 4HT