A call for a statutory review of the Overarching National Policy Statement for Energy (EN-1)

Members of TASC have written a Submission to Amber Rudd, The Secretary of State for Energy, calling for a review of the governments policy on nuclear power new build.

Decisions regarding the need for extensive new supply-side infrastructure have driven energy policy for decades and left the demand-side of energy policy inadequately addressed.

This has resulted in a policy requiring the installation of new (supply side) generating capacity without first properly assessing:

  1. Whether such infrastructure is needed in the first place; and

  2. The potential for the demand side alternatives (such as energy efficiency and energy saving) that the government itself says are the cheapest and most cost effective ways of delivering energy policy objectives

New evidence produced by DECC shows that new nuclear power stations will:

1. risk ‘the lights going out’;

2. waste £billions;

3. hamper the achievement of the Government’s stated energy policy objectives;

4. be less effective in meeting energy policy objectives than a more ‘demand-side-led’ strategy; and

5. not satisfy the ‘urgent need’ for new electricity supplies that the Government says are necessary.

Unlike a non-nuclear approach to energy policy

A copy of the submission can be downloaded here