The recently formed A12 Bypass Action Group (BPAG) have decided to fund technical experts and environmental lawyers to challenge Suffolk County Councils decision on the 4 village Bypass. The group need to reach £10.000 in the next 2 weeks, and as of March 12th, they have raised over £5.000 via a crowdfunding page. The crowdfunding deadline is march 24th at 8.00 am, and it is an all or nothing apeal meaning that if the target is not met, they get nothing. BPAG Only formed in January and they are taking a lot on and can do with all the support they can get.

If they don’t reach the target no money is taken.


The A12 ByPass Action Group (BPAG) is preparing an objection to submit to the Department for Transport (DfT) to oppose Suffolk County Council's (SCC) request for £133 million of public funds to build a 4 - 5 mile by pass across the Alde and Ore river valley (known as the A12 4-village bypass). SCC says it needs to improve the existing route from Ipswich to Lowestoft but admits that the likely journey time saving is 3 minutes and does not address other 'pinch points'.

BPAG has decided to fund technical experts and a legal team of environmental solicitors and barristers in order to challenge the case before the DfT makes its initial funding decision in Spring 2018.

The bypass project has been more than 20 years in development with various options being considered by SCC's consultants but over this period SCC has failed to properly consult the public on any of these options so there has been no 'public voice' as to which scheme is sensible and will best minimise the environmental harm.

The advice so far is that the preferred bypass route will cause serious environmental and landscape harm as it crosses sensitive river valley landscapes and flood plains which will necessitate the building of viaduct and raised road beds. The route will pass very close to ancient woodlands and historic churches. In short the potential for environmental and heritage harm is very significant and the public has not been consulted on this risk in the process so far.

BPAG recognises that there may be  a 'pro' lobby but believes that before any decision is made, local people need to be been fairly consulted with all the information necessary in order to make a considered and informed decision whether they are in favour or oppose the SCC preferred bypass route.