EDF Consultion Stage 2 SCC Endeavour House Joint Response. 30th January2017.

This was written following the TASC Committee meeting on the 10th February at which we discussed the Suffolk County and Suffolk District Councils report which was very critical of the EDF Consultation 2 document :

The report was voted through to 'Stage Three' by the Cabinet apart from one Councillor, Mr Richard Smith, who voted against it being approved because there had been no reference to the proposed D2 relief road. The Councillors agreed that EDF Consultation 2 fell short of important information in many respects, difficult to follow, quite confusing and, one might conclude, deliberately written with that intention. Noting often, EDF assured 'detail and clarity of intent will follow' while totally ignoring important issues raised in ''Stage One''. Their report on Consultation 2 document high-lighted the difficulty with transport and the inaccessible location and also the necessity for the new nuclear reactors to be constructed over an internationally recognised SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) and AONB's (Areas of Oustanding Natural Beauty).

This area currently supports many safe skilled and semi skilled jobs, with a thriving tourism, recreation and leisure services industry. It is argued by EDF that 900 high skilled jobs will be created following the completion of the nuclear power station. This, we maintain, would include security jobs as well as semi and unskilled workers and would no doubt impact on the decline to existing businesses ability, or need to recruit in tourism and recreation.

Despite this, and after much discussion at Endeavour House, with contributions to the debate from TASC (Together Against Sizewell C) and TEAGS (Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell) the Council approved their report.

It is only TASC who stand firmly opposed to the proposals to provide two nuclear reactors at Sizewell. More nuclear at Sizewell is fundermentally wrong. TASC is constantly trying to raise funds for the fight ahead at 'Stage Three' after which EDF will present their proposals to the Planning Inspectorate to the UK. We are fortunate that our secretary, Joan Girling, has produced on behalf of TASC, a splendid response to Consultation 2. Full of local knowledge of the whole area which would be drastically effected and this is now available on the TASC website.

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