EDF Energy has announced  that the next stage of the formal consultation on the proposals for a new nuclear power station at Sizewell will run from 23 November 2016 to 3 February 2017. The TASC secretary, Joan Girling was asked by the East Anglian Daily Times to give a statement about the announcement..


Statement from TASC to EADT 8-11-2016

We are pleased that, after waiting four years almost to the day, we are at last going to see the results of the work that EdF have undertaken in response to all the issues that were indentified in the 1st consultation. However it is very unfortunate that EdF consider it perfectly acceptable to put this to the Local Authorities and to local groups and individuals over the Christmas period. Just as they did four years ago.

Nevertheless TASC are ready for whatever the 2nd Consultation contains.

The many areas of concern which were flagged up at the woefully inadequate 1st stage consultation must be seen to be addressed by EdF.

We will be looking for an in depth assessment of the amount of land which is to be part of the development of SZC, ground plans of the footprint of the proposed buildings for two EPRs and the ancillary buildings which accompany this massive construction, all in a totally inappropriate site. The consultation should include the areas in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to be used for all construction work, storage, concrete batching plant etc , and the Marine Off Loading Facility (MOLF) on our Heritage Coast. We will also look for the Environmental Impact that will occur and which should be documented in the consultation.

TASC feels it is a retrograde step for Central Government to take us down the new nuclear route. Their National Policy Statements on Energy are outdated and outmoded. The documents state that “we need new nuclear in the mix for electricity production”. TASC contests it can be proven that we do not need new nuclear, this is proven by the Governments own figures.

Many new exciting technologies are already in use and even more are coming on stream, why are Government apparently blind to a new way of thinking? Why would a government agree to using old, unproven, dangerous, waste producing, nuclear technology, when more forward looking governments are forging ahead with renewable electricity production that is non polluting and will be available long before SZC is generating electricity.

TASC asks the government to progress an Energy Road map which phases out nuclear power. One which does not add to our existing huge stockpile of radioactive waste, one which uses renewable technology. Great Britian should be leading the way we have the innovation and expertise. But other countries are showing us how it can be achieved. A very sorry state of affairs.

Joan Girling on behalf of TASC

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