Posted on 26th March 2020
Joint Statement on behalf of Suffolk County Council and East Suffolk Council in reaction to EDF Energy’s decision to delay their Sizewell C application for a Development Consent Order

Here is a link to the article on the council website 

In a joint statement, Leader of Suffolk County Council, Cllr Matthew Hicks and Leader of East Suffolk Council, Cllr Steve Gallant said: “Both Suffolk County Council and East Suffolk Council absolutely agree that this is the right decision for EDF Energy to take at this moment in time. We believe there is no other choice for them to take during such a difficult time for us all as we focus on fighting the effect of Covid-19 across Suffolk.


“Given the critical need for our communities to have the ability to fully engage with the consultation and decision making process that forms a valuable part of the Government’s formal Development Consent Order, we are relieved to hear EDF Energy has given due consideration to the timescales for making their submission and will delay for a number of weeks. We are now keen to understand what this means as we all currently expect to be living with the effects and restrictions surrounding Covid-19 for some time to come and we would not be happy to see anything done that restricts the community in taking an active part in the decision making process.


“We are keen to keep talking to EDF Energy about when it will be appropriate for all parties to see EDF Energy make their submission.”




The link to the original news article in Reuters is here 

LONDON (Reuters) - Utility EDF (EDF.PA) said on Thursday it will apply for development consent later than planned to build its Sizewell C nuclear plant in Britain due to the coronavirus crisis.

The application for the new nuclear power station was due to be submitted to the UK’s Planning Inspectorate by the end of March, but that will be deferred by a few weeks, EDF said.

“We are ready to submit the application but we recognise that many people in Suffolk, including the local authorities, are adjusting to new circumstances created by the coronavirus crisis,” said Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson, EDF’s managing director of nuclear development.

Reporting by Nina Chestney


While TASC members are relieved that EDF has decided to delay the submission of its Development Consent Order (DCO) for Sizewell C, TASC is extremely disappointed that it will only ‘defer the submission for a few weeks’, according to EDF's Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson. The government’s planning inspectorate expect the DCO to be submitted in April.

The DCO scrutiny process requires the free access and movement of personnel of every authority and agency involved, from the Planning Inspectorate to the county and district councils and every individual attending the hearings. Within a few weeks, restrictions are likely to be even more Draconian than they are today and enforced more stringently.  

TASC Chairman, Pete Wilkinson, said today, ‘EDF’s statement on Thursday seems to completely ignore the fact that the corona virus epidemic is expected to peak in a ‘few weeks’ and government restrictions designed to curtail the spread of the virus are expected to be enforced for a period of months, not weeks.

‘Even if EDF feels it is necessary to press ahead with its plans after they have been so discredited over the last few years, they could at least show respect for the consequences of the corona virus pandemic by calling a halt to business as usual for a sensible and reasonable period of time to allow life to regain some normality,’

‘Many will still be required to self-isolate and the gathering of people in even small groups is likely to be banned as we struggle to fight the pandemic at its peak. For EDF to make such a half-hearted gesture in deference to the most serious threat facing the nation’s health for a century is shameful.

Joan Girling, TASC’s Secretary, said, If EDF are the “good neighbours” they purport to be, then we would expect they would have the good grace to hold off their DCO application until the SZC Community Forum can be held in public with the fear of contamination having passed. The Forum enables all Parish Councils, and other interested parties, in East Suffolk to debate EDF’s proposals in public and the next meeting promised an explanation of how the Planning Process is to be conducted. It was much to the disappointment of the independent Chairman of the Forum that the promised meeting could not be held.

‘We call on EDF to agree to delay the submission of their DCO until the government declare the emergency permanently over enabling all to give their full and undivided attention to fighting this outrageous threat to our Heritage Coast, this being needed more than ever for the health and well-being of East Suffolk’s residents.”