Dear ONR,

I understand that two substantial developments have been approved by the Suffolk Coastal District Council for the Town of Leiston and that approval is conditional upon the ONR agreeing the development will not impact adversely upon the Sizewell Emergency arrangements. I would say that I have some professional expertise in this matter as, Health Physicist at Sizewell A (1962 - 1980), I set up and maintained the original Sizewell Emergency plan.

In 1982, your predecessor organisation, the NII, gave evidence to the Sizewell B Public Inquiry that Leiston and the old Leiston UDC area, because of nuclear emergency considerations, would not be subject to significant development. Indeed it is quoted that only another 157 domestic properties would be approved. Instead of honouring that evidence approximately another 1,000 domestic units have been built in the Town. Despite this the Authorities responsible for emergency actions have never demonstrated by way of an exercise that they could cope with such a large increase in the Town's size. It is now intended to increase the DEPZ to include the Town of Leiston and consequently there should be no further development until it has been established that the Authorities can cope with this new DEPZ.

People  who enjoy walking at Kenton Hills and Goose Hill probably do not realise the majority of pine trees are going to be felled at Goose Hill so as to have a road network installed  (not just a single access/escape route) and then all the vacant spaces will be used as a temporary storage area which will stretch all the way to Lower Abbey Farm, not far from the Eels Foot pub.

The good news is that they plan to recreate Heathland here but I have seen no detailed plans on where and how.
It goes without saying that whatever they store here is going to be very heavy and this is going to lead to serious compaction of soil which is going to be very detrimental to creating Heathland.