Letter to the East Anglian Daily Times 17/01/14

Dear Editor,

The dithering over whether the Sizewell Emergency Planning Zone should be extended from its present 2.4km shows the shambolic situation that currently exists. If it is ruled that there is no need to extend the zone, that a nuclear disaster will not go beyond 2.4km, then there is no reason why Sizewell C should not be built near London. On the other hand if it is ruled that the zone should include Leiston then it should have been implemented twenty years ago before Sizewell B started operating. Furthermore SCDC and the Nuclear Inspectorate should have stood by the evidence they gave to the Sizewell B Public Inquiry, Leiston development would be curtailed to a mere 157 new houses. Instead they have authorised about a 1000 or more. The population density of Lesion is now comparable with London boroughs.

Dear Sir,

Many thanks for the Charlie Haylock, Barrie Appleby cartoon (Sat. 04/01/14). The cartoon highlighted the totally illogical Sizewell Emergency Plan. In a nuclear emergency the plan proposes a small section of Leiston people be told of the action they need to take and supplies them with Iodine tablets. It totally leaves out the greater part of our town.

World wide, nuclear accidents to date have shown that in every case a 30 kilometre evacuation zone makes far more sense and should be considered here in Suffolk.

Article written for a local Church & Parish magazine:

Sizewell C & D: A done deal?

The proposed siting of Sizewell C & D – let’s not forget that two nuclear reactors are planned – seems to achieved its first objective in that it has cowed too many of the local population into believing that it’s either necessary or inevitable. Neither is fact.

One thing that is true is that this Is nothing less than a monstrous invasion of large-scale industrialisation into this area. An area, lest we forget, that is of sensitive scientific interest and outstanding natural beauty.

I am currently involved in a complaint with the SCC Highways Dept., over the use of the B1122 through Theberton - lack of sleep makes it impossible for me to think  any further ahead.
The road outside my cottage was subject to road works in March this year for the benefit
of Sizewell B - (application for the construction of a new dry store) paid for by EDF.
If the current problem is resolved then I will turn my attention to Sizewell C - if not I will have to move and therefore will be of no use to the Sizewell C cause.

It has been claimed by EDF that the majority of Leiston residents want Sizewell C to be built. However when asked for the justification for this claim they have not responded.

The 2011 /12 Leiston Town Appraisal was carried out, at the behest of the Town Council by a small number of residents.The summary says;

 “Residents are largely in favour of further nuclear expansion (70%) as despite the problems of traffic ……..during the building of Sizewell B the benefits of increased employment ……were worthwhile by those who completed the questionnaire” This is a biased and illogical statement. The statement relies on the answer to Q 54, Q55 & Q56 that is for residents who lived in or around Leiston during the construction of Sizewell B not for the general population. They were only asked for positive and negative aspects but were not asked if they considered the former out weighed the latter.