To the Editor EDP

Dear Sir,

In the EADT on the 15th Feb it was reported by John Grant that work is being undertaken by the “Sizewell C Environmental Stakeholder Group”. The group includes Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Coastal District Council, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, Suffolk Preservation Society, Royal Society for Protection of Birds, Woodland Trust and the National Trust.

This grouping has been set up to ensure that IF the proposed Sizewell C goes ahead the best possible outcome is achieved for the species and habitats of  all of the  areas that may be affected by the development, building and operation of the proposed Sizewell C.

This may seem a very worthy approach.

However I submit that the best possible outcome for the conservation and ecology of Sizewell Belts SSSI, the AONB and all other designations within any of the sites to be disrupted, including RSPB Minsmere, would be to recognise that Sizewell C must never happen. The proposed Sizewell C is entirely the wrong development in unquestionably the wrong place.

Letter to the EADT


John Grants article “Framework For The Future” confirms my suspicion that our MP Therese Coffey, Local Councils and it seems all of our environmental and wildlife groups have abbrogated their responsibilities to their constituents and group members. Unlike the period in the planning of Sizewell B nuclear power station when these groups put the case against it seems they are now willing to ignore the massively disrupting proposals for a Sizewell C&D.


It seems that EDF are trying to rebrand Suffolk as ‘the home of the energy coast’ (Business East, 18/6/13). Although I prefer to think of our coastline as the ‘sunrise coast’, the proposed building of Sizewell C could force us to consider other options. For example, if job creation is the priority, why not call it the ‘coast of the rising sun’? After all, the clean-up operation in Japan has created a glut of jobs, and I’m sure that plenty more positions will become available as workers at Fukushima reach their maximum dose of radiation. Indeed, it appears that nothing creates jobs more rapidly than a nuclear disaster.

Dear Sir,

In a country plagued by health and safety regulations, it is unbelievable that the construction of Sizewell C nuclear power station could go ahead without full emergency guidelines being issued to the public to ensure our optimum safety in the event of an accident. The current Detailed Emergency Planning Zone covers a radius of 2.4 kilometres from the Sizewell site, and only those within the zone have been provided with information, and equipped with the potentially life-saving Potassium Iodate tablets. Such a small Detailed Emergency Planning Zone fails to include the sizeable population of Leiston, and ignores residents in other nearby towns and villages.

Dear sir,

I often think I am part of the Mad Hatters Tea Party! when I read the constant

reporting in your newspaper from business leaders of the commercial opportunities for this area, local government reports and proposals for tourism promotion in our former "Curious Suffolk" in areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), SSSI, Heritage Coast and the rest.

And just yesterday,(EADT Oct. 12th.),Therese Coffey, MP for Suffolk Coastal, was sitting amongst innocent young children from Wenhaston Primary School

at the Minsmere bird reserve Discovery centre, giving high praise to this internationally acclaimed site.The next evening there she was at Westminster telling T.V. how thrilled she was at the latest reports that the double nuclear power station project for Sizewell, C&D, was likely to become a welcome reality. This after news of likely funding from China in order that the still nationalised EDF(Electricite De France) might be able to proceed further with its plans. Does Ms.Coffey really have any understanding of the local situation? Scores of acres of sensitive conservation areas will be overwhelmed and destroyed. These have been established over many decades with dedicated hard work and commitment to provide the habitats she was enjoying with these young children, totally deceiving them as to what would result if the project she and others are promoting were to proceed. This is no way to conduct herself as the local MP but she is obviously toeing the party line.