To the Editor EDP

Dear Sir,

In the EADT on the 15th Feb it was reported by John Grant that work is being undertaken by the “Sizewell C Environmental Stakeholder Group”. The group includes Suffolk County Council, Suffolk Coastal District Council, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, Suffolk Preservation Society, Royal Society for Protection of Birds, Woodland Trust and the National Trust.

This grouping has been set up to ensure that IF the proposed Sizewell C goes ahead the best possible outcome is achieved for the species and habitats of  all of the  areas that may be affected by the development, building and operation of the proposed Sizewell C.

This may seem a very worthy approach.

However I submit that the best possible outcome for the conservation and ecology of Sizewell Belts SSSI, the AONB and all other designations within any of the sites to be disrupted, including RSPB Minsmere, would be to recognise that Sizewell C must never happen. The proposed Sizewell C is entirely the wrong development in unquestionably the wrong place.

National Policy Statement EN6 states that Sizewell is a “potential” site for a nuclear power station with two reactors. I believe it can be proved time and time again that the East Suffolk area, Sizewell and the North Sea coast are totally unsuitable for an industrial development of the size and nature of the proposed  two nuclear reactors with all their accompanying paraphernalia access roads etc. It is in fact downright folly.

Local people were told (and it was reported in the EADT at the time) when Nuclear Electric bought the Sizewell Estate that they had no intention of using the land to build another power station. Rather that it was to be used as an environmental buffer to Sizewell B. They recognised then the ecological  importance of the Sizewell Estate. The successor owners EDF are now intending to do untold damage not only by building over the SSSI and possibly altering the water courses and piping them, because they are “in their way”, but by also cutting a 2.5 km permanent and intrusive access road from the site to the B1122 which will also include a lay up area with permanent lighting 24/7 straight across the AONB,

This area is a corridor for wildlife which has never been disturbed. Corridors which we are told countless times by conservationists are vital for the sustainability of all species.

So why are we being told by the Sizewell C Environmental Stakeholder Group that they are seeking an Environmental Exemplar  and that they consider that this can be achieved by mitigation and translocation of species and habitats.

What is intended by EDF is Environmental Vandalism.

It is a well known fact that no species is sustained in isolation, each and every aspect of their survival depends one upon the other, their habitats and food chains are all integral.

 The habitat on Sizewell Belts and its environs and the creatures in, on and around it, have taken thousands of years to create, it must be protected. Translocation may work for one or two species this is a whole shed full, including 28 red data book species, some of which are of international importance.

Is this really something we would wish to happen, why do we have SSSI and all other designations if we can interfere with them at will and carry on with our destructive ways. We are constantly being told lessons are being learnt, I submit they are not. How much longer can we continue to think that we can mould the natural world, treating it as a commodity that can be altered and juggled to suit the human race.

I therefore sincerely request all our environmental groups stand firm in their quest to protect our precious environment from this type of ecological destruction and inappropriate unsustainable development.