Sizewell C & D: A done deal?

The proposed siting of Sizewell C & D – let’s not forget that two nuclear reactors are planned – seems to achieved its first objective in that it has cowed too many of the local population into believing that it’s either necessary or inevitable. Neither is fact.

One thing that is true is that this Is nothing less than a monstrous invasion of large-scale industrialisation into this area. An area, lest we forget, that is of sensitive scientific interest and outstanding natural beauty.

The effect will ripple out from Sizewell Beach bringing massive disruption in terms of traffic, light pollution, population surge and general environmental degradation.

Locally, EDF talk of 600 HGV journeys per day – per day – along the B1122. Bad enough in itself, the congestion thus caused will lead to other traffic diverting through local villages. This ‘rat run’ effect will not be lessened by the untold amount of vehicles, the ‘white van’ armada that will be needed to service both the proposed site and the accommodation quarters.

This is just one concern, to say nothing of the inherent dangers of nuclear, the cost to taxpayers of £4.2 billion – yes, you read that right - £4.2 billion PER YEAR, the problems of waste disposal, the urbanisation of this area and the spoiling of the coastal environment.

These are issues, which have enjoyed little ‘oxygen of publicity’ because of the one-sided nature of the planning process.

Instead, we hear much justifying of the massive disruption that will be caused; the talk of 25,000 jobs, the need for more electricity to stop the lights going out. At the very least, these are exaggerations.

There are good cases to be made against these assertions.

The defeatist talk of ‘Well, it’s going to happen anyway’ plays into the hands of EDF.

In the interests of democracy and balance, the genuine and strong case against new nuclear on our shoreline should be heard. I urge all of you with an interest in maintaining the character of this area, or, indeed anyone who believes in fair and balanced argument, to get into touch with TASC: Together Against Sizewell C. Hear what they have to say: make your own mind up.

This is not a done deal – yet.

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