It has been claimed by EDF that the majority of Leiston residents want Sizewell C to be built. However when asked for the justification for this claim they have not responded.

The 2011 /12 Leiston Town Appraisal was carried out, at the behest of the Town Council by a small number of residents.The summary says;

 “Residents are largely in favour of further nuclear expansion (70%) as despite the problems of traffic ……..during the building of Sizewell B the benefits of increased employment ……were worthwhile by those who completed the questionnaire” This is a biased and illogical statement. The statement relies on the answer to Q 54, Q55 & Q56 that is for residents who lived in or around Leiston during the construction of Sizewell B not for the general population. They were only asked for positive and negative aspects but were not asked if they considered the former out weighed the latter.

There is considerable doubt with value of the figures. According to Individual Q3 only 934 people who responded had lived in Leiston for more than 19 years, yet 1106 claimed to have lived in Leiston during the construction of Sizewell B. To have experienced the full conditions of the building of the B Station they would have needed to have lived in Leiston for at least 24 years. Although the B Station did not produce electricity until 1995, by then most of the main construction work would have been completed two or three years previous. Thus at the most only 934 would have experienced some of the impact of the construction. So 389 out of those claiming to have endured the building of Sizewell B could not have done so!

The Questionnaire on Sizewell was unduly narrow. It did not point out that Sizewell C would be twice as large as Sizewell B. Other related matters such as Emergency Plans; Power Lines with the extra power loading and possible health effects; additional staff traffic through the Town; were omitted. This bias is not surprising, although the Appraisal was supposed to be independent of Council influence, SCDC had one of their employees in the Appraisal team.

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