Dear Sir:

You report in todays edition that EDF's Stephen Walls is 'hopeful of progress' regarding the building of Sizewell C & D (let's not forget that two reactors are  planned). Well, he would say that wouldn't he? By now, we must all be well used to the company's spokespersons turning up at venues from street corner to county show to proclaim the usual corporate P.R. spin. It is interesting to note that when Mr Walls talks of developments at Hinckley Point on which Sizewell C depends, he forbears to tell us that potential costs of that project have escalated from £16 billion to £24 billion. Meanwhile, EDF's on-going nuclear power station build in Normandy, France is now more than twice over budget and several years off schedule. As the cost of building these massive power stations continues to spiral, renewables are becoming cheaper and more efficient while smaller, less costly molten salt reactors offer a more realistic nuclear alternative.  You quote Mr Walls as saying he wants to 'make sure we do our best by the local community, the environments and wider area'. The way to do that, I suggest, is to accept that this last-century technology with its campsites of thousands of workers,  traffic disruption, environmental impairment and massive industrialisation is a concept that has long run out of energy.

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