Dear Sir

A new focus

The UK Government correctly warns us that the situation in The Middle East significantly increases the risk of terrorist action in this country.  No doubt this risk will escalate if the UK becomes more actively involved in any of the turbulent areas.  A very difficult and dangerous situation.  Time for some constructive thinking then, to ensure that the potential terrorist risk can be reduced. One key requirement is to ensure no attractive and easy targets.  Our security specialists must surely be advising that our fuel and power supplies must not be concentrated in large units, but distributed in different areas.

The existing Sizewell B nuclear reactor and power station already produces enough electrical power for a large area of East Anglia, it makes no sense to massively increase the power supply, for a much larger area of the country, by building Sizewell C on the same site.  The concentration of electric power coming from one massively increased supply hub could make that site high on the list of terrorist’s disruptive targets.  I will ignore all the other excellent reasons of economics, environment and ecology that makes building Sizewell C such a bad idea, this new concern heads my list, and I hope it finds a similar position in our politicians’ thoughts.