Sizewell Dormatory Accommodation.
One hardly knows where to start in reply to letter from G. Bickers (letter 23rd June). The issue he raises about affordable accommodation should hardly start with EDF (Electric de France), an 85% state owned electrical company, providing affordable homes for us! Particularly here in Suffolk.
Private house builders are certainly not concerned. Just take the recent Framlingham application by Hopkin Homes as an example. The original approval allowed for 47 out of 140 proposed houses to be affordable. After Hopkin Homes contested the building of 47affordable homes, the requirement was dropped. This condition applies to other applications in the wider area also. Affordable homes seem to be 
 a low priority when planning applications are submitted to the Local Authorities here in Suffolk.
This is borne out by the latest summer issue "Coast and Country" from a local estate agent. They quote that they have a great demand for properties over £450.000, but, of their 1500 clients 80 have a budget of over a million pounds! What prospect is there of building affordable homes on this basis as our builders are too busy providing "unaffordable" homes.
Mr G. Bickers thinks the French should build their dormitories well dispersed in local areas. Maybe Aldeburgh? Saxmundham?  Leiston or where? To keep traffic to the minimum the 3000 main workforce needs to be close to the workplace as 2000 more are to travel in from elsewhere, as well as 600 lorries movements per day plus commercial vans. Chaos will prevail in any case, for as long as 10 or more years. He says these dormitories should eventually to be converted to affordable apartments. At least the French do know how to build a decent apartment block for families, unlike us. Who would do all this converting? EDF again? Our government is currently washing its hands of everything and selling the remaining public housing stock at knock down prices.
EDF have endless problems with current projects in Olkiluoto, Finland and Flamanville in France. These have serious delays which will effect the Hinkley Point funding and Sizewell is in the queue behind Hinkley Point. If the worst case scenario happened and Sizewell got started there would be a ten year contract, add a year or two for delays, as has been the case elsewhere, and it is unlikely electricity would be generated before 2035. What state these dormitories would be in after all these years is a matter of conjecture.
The bulk of the workforce would need to be close to the site so this is EDF's first choice as a dormitory site. Cast your mind back to the building of Sizewell A and Sizewell B, when the whole area became overrun with imported workers.
Bob Hoggar, Halesworth,