Dear Sir,

I note with interest and alarm the media information and hype about the future of Nuclear Power Generating Stations, their massive high cost, and those who will be instrumental in the building and operating them. A situation brought about by the British Government. In the first instance by the Labour  Government. Persuaded by John Hutton and Jamie Read, Tony Blair, decided that we would need nuclear energy in the future, contradicting former Labour policy. This stupidity has been and is continued by successive Conservative Governments, who still cannot see the wood for the trees.

Although this country has many other ways and means of producing non polluting, cost effective and sustainable energy, with little or no CO2 emissions at the point of generation, the powers that be have decided that instead of embracing a clean energy future for generations to come, they will take the worst possible route, that of engaging foreign powers to build  expensive and heavily polluting nuclear power stations that we will be paying for over  a millennia.

At the same time Government is removing the Feed in Tariff for solar generation which encourages and  sustains renewable energy companies who need the confidence of a subsidy to survive for the first few years of trading. Unfortunately this Government decision is hitting home now and many companies have stopped trading and their employees been laid off.

The German Government has taken a much more sustainable line and have a long  term Energy Plan which excludes new nuclear, we could, with the correct political stance do the same, I am ashamed that our once proud nation is not taking the same decision both for the sake of the environment and for  future generations. I am sure this is what many people in this country would wish to see.

We are told by leading experts and reporters, including some normally supportive of nuclear, that this French/ Chinese/ British Government cosiness for new nuclear is all in all a very bad deal,

which will increase the cost of electricity to householders and businesses alike, and which will lead us away from more sustainable renewable energy supplies.

 More nuclear plants will mean an increased security risk, both from cyber attack and any other malevolent sources. I am concerned that we expect our security services and regulators to protect us from this type of crime, when exposure to the threat is totally unnecessary.

Is Sizewell north of the existing B station a suitable site for two French/Chinese built reactors ?

I am now more convinced than ever that the Sizewell site is not suitable or desirable. It is not a price worth paying when there are other ways of supplying the countries energy needs.

Ways which do not cost the earth, ways which do not leave a legacy of highly radioactive waste, and that do not destroy an area of East Suffolks’ best marsh land its ecology and all the biodiversity it contains.

Our children’s children will not thank us for this Governments crass decision.


Yours Sincerely

Joan Girling


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