The Nations Former 'Household Silver' and sold off assets
Dear Sir, 
I feel I have to write this letter to you so that I may thank Barry Skelcher, a regular contributor
to your '' Letters to the  Editor's page in EADT. He writes with such clarity of thought. I just wish there were more
of him amongst us.
His last letter outlined the way the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) was taken and 'privatised'.
The "finest in the world", he said and I have no reason to doubt that. We, have now experienced the alternative energy providers for too many years, mostly foreign. It still being virtually impossible to be sure one has the 'best deal' for oneself from these companies.
It's their job to get the best profits for their country, share holders and themselves.
It was a certain Margeret Thatcher,(MT), who set a programme in train of asset stripping the nation during the 1980's ably assisted by ministers such as Nicholas Ridley, Keith Joseph and possibly other family members well versed in these matters. She being a Chemist and not an economist.
The late prime minister, Sir Harold Macmillan, famously warned her not to take the nations public assets, "the household silver", sell them and treat the proceeds as income for the Conservative Party and Treasury, which was then under the leadership of the Chancellor Nigel Lawson, later sacked by (MT).
These assets did not belong to the Conservative Party and chums in the city, they belonged to the nation! Put together after a long hard fought  2nd world war and skillfully managed along with huge war debts. Yes, it was difficult but then we had a real sense that we really were "in it together''. The first asset put together was the NHS. Even this is now under threat, make no mistake. American providers are just sitting on the fence like vultures, waiting for their moment to pounce, knowing what a lucrative market it could be. with vast profits for them. As it was with the BT sell off to the USA just after BT had mastered fibre optics. A real money maker for  the new owners!
The losers of the second world war have shown us the way forward since. They use inclusive management with workforce, not autocratic governance and direction. What amuses me, is how recently after years of asset stripping and dismantling our inferstructure and apprenticeships  (and I served a traditional one 60 years ago) they are now being reinvented. But unfortunately there isn't now the depth of skill at the ''face'' to pass on to the young.
As can be seen with all redundant experienced skills, be they nurses, midwives, or carpenters and bricklayers and others.
Bob Hoggar. Halesworth.


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