Sizewell 'B '& Spent fuel Depository is Enough!

Dear Sir,  My thanks are passed on to Mr Jim Crawford for his letter(EADT.15/12/ reply to my letter 11/12/14)  allowing all to continue this necessary debate.

He points out French owned EDF has invested £3.5 bill. across the UK over the past 3 years. Its reassuring to know, as nuclear industry is THEIR business. EDF, as I said, is owned mostly by the French Government and they are not running a nuclear charity for Britain.Investment, we are told, leads to profit.

 As was said in my letter, Sizewell 'B' is American designed and France has 50 of them, so they would know how to fix their product, along with some American input, which they did recently during the 'outage' seven week period. It was also reassuring to learn there were some local contracts awarded too. Also, thank you for pointing out that for the 500 workers employed at Sizewell, and likewise around Suffolk with tourism and heritage attractions, it can generate in the region of £40 mill. This supports the current situation that the heritage coast alone generates some £1.4 billion annually and the region as a whole some £8.billion, as was reported last summer.

Also, interestingly the workforce, we are told, all live within a 25 mile radius, avoiding longer journeys to Sizewell, their place of work. But isn't this a condition of employment there? due to the likelihood of an emergency necessitating a quick response. Regrettably for all that has happened over the years Leiston, in my view, does not seem to have benefitted from all of this wealth at all even being so close to the heritage coast and Sizewell itself.

 In the same EADT.(15th.Dec.) we had an article by David Green which covered the Suffolk Emergency planning officer, Mr A. Osman, having to respond to anti nuclear and Suffolk Stake Holder group concerns that the draft form of the Emergency Plan is misleading, inaccurate and inappropriate and was said to be worthless.( not my words).

When the CEGB. (Central Electricity Generating Board), owned and ran our energy requirements, we all new what each of us would pay, per unit. Since it was all rearranged, we seem to spend most of our spare time trying to arrange a tariff that won't offer the (mostly foreign owned) companiesmore profit  than they deserve and we all know how that's turned out.

This is why I concluded my letter, saying "Sizewell 'B' is here". Sizewell 'A' is now a spent fuel 'dump' for 'B'. When Sizewell B was given permission in 1986 local people were not told that its spent fuel would have to be kept on site. It was always understood that there would be an off site disposal facility. However, the spent fuel will now remain at Sizewell for many years into the future as Sellafield, we are given to understand, is full to bursting!

 Sizewell and Suffolk have given enough. Lets enjoy what's left of our fragile Heritage Coast for the nation and ourselves. Its precious! Lets not 'TRASH' it all with the two proposed monsters, their 5000 itinerant workers,  traffic chaos, footpath closures, beach exclusions for up to15 years and in the process wrecking the established natural environment, ANOB's, SSSI's and the like.

This is just political madness and why we have no faith in politicians.

Bob Hoggar, Halesworth IP19 8DN

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