A Refreshing Political Sizewell C & D Reality check.

Dear Sir, How refreshing to read a letter from Rachel Smith-Lyte, parliamentary candidate for Suffolk Coastal Green Party, who said it all as it is, or would be if Sizewell C&D were allowed to proceed (EADT letter 14th. Oct. 2014). She has won me over!  Unlike the local MP who makes frequent statements to our the press simply following her party line, like most of her colleagues, not thinking about the subject at all and the consequences should this appalling proposal to build  Sizewell 'C&D' ( two reactors) on our fragile heritage coast go ahead. 

 Rachel Smith-Lyte pointed out very accurately many of the details of these resulting consequences. Barry Skelcher is another contributor to EADT and I know for a fact is a well qualified and knowledgeable authority on the subject of what would be a catastrophic disaster for this beautiful coast on which the Sizewell A&B already stand. Plus the newly installed on-site nuclear spent fuel store which will grow in size every year and be there for hundreds of years as Sellafield is full!

If plans proceeded we would be breaking the international RAMSAR agreement of which Britain was a major instigator and signatory. This was set up for the protection and preservation of sites such as Sizewell marshes, Sizewell belts, Kenton Hills, (SWLT), & Minsmere,(RSPB), National Trust sites and more. These are some of the existing established areas that would need to be 'trashed' in order for this scheme to proceed and it certainly would not be looked upon favourably by these conservation bodies or in fact, by the EU.

The recent agreement from Brussels, on the outrageous 'strike price' for 35 years for Hinkley Point, was a financial deal pursued by the British right wing Government to finance the project to be carried out by EDF, a publicly owned nationalised French company. However, each site, particularly conservation sites, will still need international consent. Would we simply tear up agreements that we have signed up to in order to proceed with the industrialisation of our heritage coast?

 Bob Hoggar & Audrey West