Sizewell 'B' Seven weeks off line for refuelling.

I refer to the article by Richard Cornwell about the seven week £60m refuelling work, just completed, at Sizewell B nuclear power station. We are told these maintenance periods are required every 18 months so that's £120m cost to the consumer every 36 months? It is stated that wind power is not reliable enough, neither is nuclear it seems and that's without the cost of eventual reprocessing, which never gets mentioned in the overall cost of nuclear power. We are told Sellafield is now full so it seems we are about to start storing unprocessed highly toxic waste from Sizewell 'B' on site at Sizewell 'A' for centuries. Nice little legacy for our next and many more generations to come.

 Also, 1200 specialist French? staff, highly skilled on high salaries, were engaged in the task for French owned EDF. It was like being on holiday in France, listening to the French conversations in my local. A "bonjour messieurs" was hardly necessary as their command of English was impeccable. It follows that their substantial remunerations also finished up in France too. I understand France has 58 nuclear power stations. 50 are of USA design and 8 of French design. Furthermore I have learned France is not building anymore on French soil apart from one unfinished project which is running late and with, lets just say, 'problems' owing to the fact that a new international directive confines disposal of nuclear waste to the country of origin.

France is now confronting a mounting problem of storage of their increasing nuclear waste that Britain could well have in the not too distant future. So let Sizewell 'B', the American designed power station, be the last along this fragile 'Heritage coast'.

 Bob Hoggar, Halesworth