In response to an article in praise of Sizewell C by the Principal of Alde Valley Academy in the East Anglian Daily Times, Catherine Rowett, Former MEP for the East of England wrote the following reply. 


I was shocked to read in EADT of 3rd April, the principal of an academy school in Leiston passing on such ignorance and fake news about the supposed benefits of building a new nuclear power station in the area. As if it might yield good jobs, or have any connection with the teaching of STEM subjects to the young!

The fact is that the proposed Sizewell C power station is destined to replicate Hinkley C and other installations built in France and Finland. We know that EDF will import experienced technicians, to repeat work they did elsewhere. EDF will not employ local people in either the smart jobs, or the manual labour. And no one should want their students to be working on nuclear waste disposal jobs.

We know for a fact that renewable energy generates more jobs, more permanent jobs and more benefit to the local community, at lower cost and with less environmental damage. And besides, renewable energy is far cheaper, and it comes online more swiftly. So why is a High School teacher delivering such nonsense, and why publicise it in the paper? I am seriously gobsmacked.

Yours truly,


Professor Catherine Rowett, Former MEP for the East of England