In response to an article in praise of Sizewell C penned by the Principal of Alde Valley Academy in the East Anglian Daily Times, Joan Girling, Secretary to TASC wrote the following reply. Unfortunately her letter was not printed in the paper. 

Dear Sir,

I was fascinated reading the article in the EADT by Head Teacher of Alde Valley Academy Dan Mayhew published on Friday April 3rd that he subscribes to the words "SZC is for me" mimicking the strap line of Together Against Sizewell C (TASC) "SZC is not for me". He speaks of the long term benefits to his students of employment during the construction of the two European Pressurised Reactors and the jobs which will be created when the plant is up and running. Yet very little on the total disruption it will cause to East Suffolk over 12 years, or of the high level nuclear waste which is to be stored at Sizewell for at least 100 years with no means of deep geological disposal. Neither does he suggest that there are far less polluting ways of producing electricity. Are his Students considering in their STEM subjects what levels of electricity the UK will need in the next 25 years and any alternative means of production?

Giving the Students and readers of the EADT such a biased view is in my opinion a lowering of the standards of the role of a Head Teacher, where Students should be presented with all the facts and all means of electricity production and allow them to make decisions for their future for themselves.

Of course there is also the question of finance for New Nuclear I am sure the Students will undertake money matters in their Business Studies. Question, How do you pay for something when you haven't got the money? Answer: Find someone else to pay?

I have no doubt that having EDF subscribe to the financial running of the Academy and ensuring Students are exposed to the EDF propaganda may appear to be in the best interests of the Academy. But we must ask how many Students in reality are going to have purposeful jobs with EDF in either construction or deployment. A discredited financially challenged French Company who are propped up by the French Government and whose flagship plant at Flamanville in France , started in 2007 will not to be completed until 2024, and whose construction workers at Hinkley Point C are still working on site defying all the Covid 19 rules by travelling by coach to work, working and eating together. This is not a company I would want young people being pushed toward.

EDFs Public Relations and Advertising are second to none. It reminds me of a high powered advertising company who can sell anything if they push hard enough, and if you are gullible enough to take the bait or the money.

I feel Mr Mayhew's one sided debate about the benefits of Nuclear Power and SZC, as Head of an Alde Valley Academy is totally unacceptable. His total arrogance in speaking about nature being resilient flies in the face of all we have learnt in the past years. The natural world is not capable of repair when habitats are lost destroying the web of life. The loss of 12 hectares of the Sizewell Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) means the complete break down of an intricate system which has taken millennia to create. This type of action by human intervention will, if not stopped affect all life on this planet.

I suggest Mr Mayhew asks Suffolk Wildlife Trust, RSPB Minmere and the Chairman of TASC to attend Alde Valley. To allow his Students to hear at the very least an alternative view and about the downside of building and running a new nuclear power station at Sizewell. He may also like to have a showing of a Film made in France called The Nuclear Trap I am sure TASC would be pleased, if asked, to show it to the whole school. 

Yours Sincerely

Joan Girling