Dear Sir,

Thankyou for allowing me to put an alternative view to the EDF Sizewell proposals (EADT 14th Oct.) from that of the EDF SZB Chief Executive.
The trouble with us here in Britain is we don't even make our own wind turbines, we rely on others. We are now assembling them but the motors and all the tricky bits are made elsewhere. Foreign imports again. Just as is the case with EDF and partners CGN (Chinese General Nuclear) who are desparately trying to pursuade us Britains to fund SZC&D as EDF has no funds of its own.

There is constant promotion for SZC&D from Simone Rossi, Chief UK Executive, Jim Crawford, Chief Executive, EDF SZC&D, and of late Paul Morton, Chief Executive SZB, stating how important nuclear is and frequently making fabricated statements in the EADT whilst promoting SZC&D. They know this story is so necessary as they are employed by a company that is bankrupt to the French government by some 37billion Euros.

Also, at least eight of the older French nuclear power stations in France need removing at a cost between 50 and 100 billion Euros. EDF Chief Executive, Jean Bernard Levy, has been told in no uncertain terms by President Emanual Macron to stop spending funds they do not have. I was in France recently and the French are furious with the way they are expected to continually fund EDF and their EPR (European Pressure Reactor). This so called 'Flagship' project at Flamanville, north west France, commenced in 2007 and still not completed. Also billions of Euros over budget and years over contract time and not expected to be commisioned until 2023, we are now told, if ever. No wonder the 'Flagship' project is not mentioned at all by our local EDF executives?

The USA has always said the EPR concept will not work. I havn't even mentioned the other failure, Olkiluoto in Finland. EDF has no alternative other than to try and convince us here in Britain to introduce what is known as RAB (Regulated Asset Base) where we are invited to fund their project and invest our pension funds into SZC&D! and I might say our local MP Therese Coffey, and now worse, she, our Works and Pensions Minister, is known to be all for RAB! Scary stuff.

Japan's Hitachi, has recently pulled out of the Wilfa site on Anglesea,Horizon Oldbury and Toshiba have pulled out at the Moorside site Sellafield, after having recently lost billions of dollars in failed USA projects. We are also being requested to pay an annual tax onto each household electricity account to assist funding SZC&D. CGN (China) on the other hand, the smaller EDF partner, is not short of funds and is keen to pursue two of its own nuclear power plants, the HPR 1000 models at Bradwell in Essex.

Allow that to happen and we are all done for. They already own, The National Grid, (both Gas and Electric,) Felixstowe and Harwich Docks, London Thames Port, Mobile phone Companies, UK power Network the list goes on and on. We should try and keep nuclear away from their total grasp at all costs!

Bob Hoggar, Halesworth.