Letter to the EADT


John Grants article “Framework For The Future” confirms my suspicion that our MP Therese Coffey, Local Councils and it seems all of our environmental and wildlife groups have abbrogated their responsibilities to their constituents and group members. Unlike the period in the planning of Sizewell B nuclear power station when these groups put the case against it seems they are now willing to ignore the massively disrupting proposals for a Sizewell C&D.

Huge areas of our coast and inland will be totally despoiled if the proposals for a sea docking area, 2 reactors, a nuclear fuel dump, roads, a prefabrication area, a settlement and recreation area for 3000 workers and lorry parks all of which will be there for the next 10-15 years and in the case of the reactors and spent fuel dump for centuries.

The Government does not say Sizewell is a definite site they only say it is a potential site.

Many of the groups mentioned in John Grants article were formed with the intention of protecting our heritage. How can they call the above works a “Landscape and Biodiversity improvement” . Much of the proposed work will mean the public, you and I will be excluded from our use of the sea, beach and land for many years to come.