We must stop the building of nuclear power stations at Sizewell.
Whatever arguments are used for this form of power generation it has been shown to be economically and environmentally unsustainable.
Of even greater significance the Sizewell location is wrong.
The Suffolk coastline can be likened to the North Danish Coast. It is eroding and subsiding.
The Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse in Northern Denmark  has been moved seventy metres inland. This will delay the loss of this lighthouse into the sea for only twenty years.
We are about to agree to the building of a nuclear power station and a nuclear waste storage dump on the beach of a similar coastline at Sizewell.
One does not have to be a nuclear scientist in order to recognise the inevitable consequences.
It is an act of lunacy.
We do not require nuclear power, nor do we need to fill our North Sea with nuclear waste, in order to achieve the elimination of carbon pollution.
A European grid, linking photo voltaic solar power generation from the Nations of Southern Europe, with wind, hydro and tidal power generation from the Nations of Northern Europe would provide safe and uninterrupted electricity for the whole of Europe many times above current needs.
This should be our response to the climate emergency. A unified European response to the clear and present dangers we are facing.
martin deighton