The artists impression published by EDF in the EADT of Sizewell C on the beach alongside a blue and tranquil North Sea tells all of the lunacy of Sizewell.
Those of us who live in Suffolk have a more realistic view of the North Sea.
EDF say they will build a sea wall that will protect the Nuclear Power Station and the Nuclear waste dump from a 1953 tidal surge.
They are wrong. The sea level of the North sea has risen by 0.67 metres since 1953.
In 1953 over 60% of the tidal surge swept into Holland’s delta taking the lives of 1,870 Dutch people.
Since then the Dutch have erected huge barriers and dams that will prevent this water entering any part of Holland.
All of that water will now be added to the surge on the Coast of Suffolk and Essex.
This could add up to 2.5 metres to the surge at Sizewell.
Moreover, the surge that entered the Thames in 1953 will now be arrested by the Thames barrier.
That may protect London but it will again add to levels on the coasts of Suffolk, Essex and North Kent.
Whatever we think about the risks and costs associated with the provision and long term management of Nuclear power generation we must all recognise that the building of a nuclear power station on the beach of an eroding and sinking coastline in the face of a rising sea is wrong. And the establishment of a storage dump for nuclear waste with a half life of over 1,000 years on that same beach is lunacy.
We must unite and stop the building of Sizewell C.
martin deighton