Dear Sir,
Mike Hazelwood should not trivialize my concerns, and those of others, in his letters EADT 19th & 20th June, over the proposals for the development at Sizewell C&D, insisting everything will be just fine. I very much suspect he is employed at Sizewell by EDF as he used the phrase "We take precautions to ensure that accidents can't happen." I have heard that phrase so often before. Sometimes followed by a statement, 'Lessons will be learned'!  It is now a well proven fact that nuclear is a failed twentieth century technology with a huge very dangerous nuclear waste legacy requiring dangerous storage forever.

EDF, and CGN their partners, are also unable to attract private investment due to the immense financial risks and huge previous losses. This has necessitated EDF trying to get us all to pay an annual tax levy on top of our electricity costs to help fund the huge EDF cash deficit they have. This is said to be some 37bill Euros to the French Government.   In addition, Jean Bernard Levy, Chief EDF Exec., is being directed  by Emmanual Macron, French president, to start making safe as many as 20 of their 58 older nuclear power stations, at  an enormous cost.  As a result of all of the financial short comings, we have now been introduced to another newish method of proposed funding called RAB ( Regulated Asset Base).    In addition, the government also agreed to pay EDF/CGN in 2016, before commencement at Hinkley Point C&D, a guaranteed price starting at £92.5  per Megga /Watt hr, index linked for 35 years now twice the current Renewable Energy cost since commencement. I was told while on a recent trip to visit Hinkley Point the amount has already  moved to £ 105 per M/W Hr. The bad news for EDF/CGN, these sums are not due until completion . EDF builds nuclear power stations, Britain chose Sizewell not EDF.  They must be stopped.!.

Our younger generation  have recently pleaded with the current generations to drastically change their self endulgent lifestyle for the sake of the planet and their futures. Sir David Attenbourgh has been doing this for 30 years.  I saw and read just recently how guests flocked to the EDF Suffolk Show stand. They heard a presentation by the Sizewell C&D project development director, Mr Jim Crawford of EDF, and then were entertained and enjoyed drinks and a full page Business section of photographs. Eager guests, many of whom would be on 'The list' we hear about, hoping to gain from a Sizewell C&D development. Also,more sadly was the British Tory DEFRA minister, Dr Therese Coffey, keenly advocating  development at Sizewell -AONB  alongside  Mr Tom  McGarry of EDF.  I would suggest the guests and MP at the gathering, take a walk as I and many others did recently over the area to be decimated. It is heart breaking.  One thing that really  hurt me was to see 200 year old oaks and other trees, all for the chop, to make way for this outdated monster.

Bob Hoggar Halesworth.

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