Mr Hazelwood in his letter of the 13th June, trivialises the concerns about nuclear power generation expressed by Mr Bob Hoggar .
Mr Hazelwood must be aware that over four thousand people have died or are dying as a result of exposure to radio activity following the Chernobyl meltdown.
It is estimated that over one thousand people will die as a result of exposure to radio activity following the Fukushima disaster.
There are many deaths from Leukaemia and other cancers that have been directly attributed to exposure to radio activity and nuclear waste.
For these death to be trivialised by Mr Hazelwood by comparing them with terrorist attacks and airplane crashes is totally unacceptable.
Moreover, he makes no attempt to respond to Mr Hoggar’s recent and previous expressions of concern related to the long term dangers associated with the building of Sizewell nuclear power stations.
The Sizewell power stations have been constructed on a sinking coastline faced with a rising sea level.
As Mr Hoggar has so wisely pointed out previously, it is not a question of whether these power stations and their contents will go into the sea, it is merely a question of when.
Of even greater concern we now learn that the nuclear waste from Sizewell can no longer go to the polluted sub strata of Sellafield but will have to be stored in a bunker on the beach at Sizewell.
This dangerous waste will be there for our future generations for one thousand years – almost certainly eventually spewing irradiation beneath the surface of our North Sea.
There is no other country in the world that would consider building a nuclear power station and a nuclear waste dump on the beach of sinking coastline faced with a rising sea level.
The EDF stations in Western France were built of rising coastlines – nevertheless the French will build no more in that environment.
Mr Hazelwood is amongst many people who can think only think in the short term.
Mr Hoggar was thinking in the long term and thinking of future generations.
Our Nation needs more Bob Hoggars.
M. Deighton