sir, It's quite amazing to learn of the rapid progress being made in the USA and Germany and other countries towards  the advancement of photo voltaic technology. It has quadrupled the efficiency of renewable energy generation.  It will  speed up even more within a very short period of time now. It will continue to offer the efficient use and storage of all of that free energy from the sun, wind and elsewhere to assist if we are serious about slowing  down climate change, to not exceed  the necessary one point five decree centigrade. We must act immediately or face annilation in the longer term. The wind will certainly blow and the sun will shine. We must therefore take full advantage of using renewable energy as it holds the key for the future for our younger generations who will  follow us and hopefully it will make the  planet more manageable for them. Alternatively, if we persist  with nuclear power, we will be adding to and leaving them with even more mountains of highly toxic dangerous nuclear waste, unable to be dealt with. A cupful  placed in the centre at a football stadium would kill everybody in approx. 15 minutes. (Radio Four programme, ' Dismantling a  nuclear power station' ). Dangerous stuff!  We are currently stock piling and leaving it all  behind in inadequate six metre high 200 tonne containers, over a hundred of these required for Sizewell B alone, without Sizewell C, and all for our next generations to sort out? This nuclear waste  will remain very dangerous for thousands of years. All in order that we can continue to pursue our selfish way of life. Somewhat  like the mountains of plastic waste generated over recent time, and us suddenly becoming aware of it despite being warned constantly for decades .

Young people are demanding action to arrest catastrophic climate change particularly with the wonderful 16 year old  Greta Thunberg acting in such a mature way above her tender years.  She says we have to change fast and I hope she is listened to.  Time to rapidly change direction and a good start would be to immediately cancel Sizewell C. I have just returned from a visit to and tour around Hinkley Point C nuclear project and from what I saw I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.   A method of creating energy with a huge carbon footprint despite the deception put forward in its defence. Finding a solution to the waste, and in association 'Hi carbon' use,  will go on for centuries as there is no final safe solution for the poor unfortunates who will follow us.

Bob Hoggar Halesworth